Chapter 8 A confession

Chapter 8: A confession: It seemed that Second Eldest Miss was behind this

Servant Gan was extremely frightened by Ye Jiuge, so she did not dare slack and became even harsher towards Zhang Mama.

Zhang Mama’s spiritual channels had already been sealed by Ye Jiuge. Without the protection of her spiritual force, she was no different from a common human. As the lashes hit her skin, she let out blood-curdling screams. After one hundred lashes, her entire body was soaked in blood, and she was left with only a single breath.

“Speak! Who really commanded you to steal my Purple Lightning Wood?” Ye Jiuge looked at the bloody Zhang Mama, expressionless. Her small number of wounds was nothing compared to the suffering that Qing Mama had experienced in the past.

Zhang Mama scowled at Ye Jiuge with bitter resentment. She moved her mouth but could not utter a single word.

Ye Jiuge moved forward unhurriedly and bent down slightly. She pretended to move her ears towards Zhang Mama’s mouth to hear her speak. Afterwards, she said in shock, “What did you say? It was the Second Eldest Miss who asked you to steal the Purple Lightning Wood to gift to the Crown Prince as a token of affection?”

Zhang Mama’s eyes widened. She wanted to defend herself, but she could not speak.

“Since you have acted on someone else’s behalf, I shall spare your life!” Ye Jiuge reacted with a benevolent expression and helped undo the ropes binding Zhang Mama’s body herself.

Shaken with anger, Zhang Mama could not endure it any longer and fainted.

Ye Jiuge asked Servant Gan to send Zhang Mama back to the Madame’s residence, then walked towards the Zhilin Residence, where she lived.

Qing Mama had already ordered the carpenters to clear away the broken front door and install a new one.

A brand-new mahogany door glowed faintly in the sunlight. Truly, it was very different from the decrepit wooden door before it.

“As expected, being soft-hearted allowed people to take advantage of us. Eldest Miss, your two rounds of lashings can be considered as part of building a ruthless reputation for our residence.” Qing Mama sighed wistfully.

In the past, the carpentry servants would have delayed in resolving matters at the Zhilin Residence, even shirking their responsibilities. Not only that, they would have sneered about how fussy the residents were.

Now, as soon as the carpentry manager heard that the Zhilin Residence needed to repair their door, he not only personally summoned his team to repair it, he also used the best door in the storage room.

The gardening servants also came forward, eager to spruce up the long-abandoned courtyard. They removed all the wilted flowers and planted fresh blossoms from the current season.

The house’s old furniture was also replaced. The entire residence had never been so clean and tidy before.

“Eldest Miss is the best.” Zhen Zhu grinned stupidly.

She had been right to secretly run back here and deliver the message. Eldest Miss had already raised her rank to a first-rank personal maid. To Zhen Zhu, it was truly a case of choosing the right person to depend on and benefitting from raising her personal worth. In contrast, the arrogant Hong Liu would be tied up and sold.

“Eldest Miss, you have returned. Are you tired? There is white fungus lotus seed soup boiling in the kitchen. I will fetch a bowl of it for you.” Qing Mama welcomed Ye Jiuge when she returned.

Although it was for the best that, currently, the Eldest Miss was exuding an imposing air, her inclination towards deliberate cruelty and violence was too strong. She should eat some white fungus to subdue it.

“Qing Mama, there is no rush.” Ye Jiuge pulled Qing Mama along and scrutinized her from top to bottom. She asked with concern, “How do you feel now?”

“I have never felt as excellent as this before.” Qing Mama gave her a confident smile.

Right now, she felt like her entire body was full of energy. As long as she cultivated properly, she would regain her previous progress.

“That is great.” Ye Jiuge’s lips curved slightly into a faint smile. She was truly happy for Qing Mama.

“It is too sunny outside. Eldest Miss, come inside first to cool yourself down!” Qing Mama quickly ushered Ye Jiuge into the house.

Zhen Zhu hurriedly went to the kitchen to bring out the white fungus lotus seed soup. She served Ye Jiuge until she finished it.

“Eldest Miss, you must be tired after such a long, busy day. Rest well.” Qing Mama helped Ye Jiuge set up her bed and left with Zhen Zhu.

Ye Jiuge felt a bit tired. She decided to rest for a while when an unpleasant feeling rose in her heart.

She lifted her wrist and looked at it. The imprint was shining with a purple light. Zi Shang appeared in front of her.

“Little Jiuge!”

As soon as Zi Shang appeared, his long snake tail coiled around her in an extremely possessive manner.

“I did not summon you, so why have you materialized in front of me?” Ye Jiuge did not want to see him at all.

“I am longing for you, so I came out to meet you.” Zi Shang’s red, wet lips curved slightly into a bright smile.

“It has not even been long enough to brew a pot of tea since our last meeting.” Not only that, since this demonic snake kept spying on her from inside the imprint in which he was hiding, what was there to long for?

“From the imprint, I observed how you taught the servants a lesson in a fearsome manner, and I was over the moon about how much I loved it. It would upset me if I did not come out and meet you personally.” Zi Shang wrapped his arms around Ye Jiuge’s waist, his purple irises thinned into a line, and the depths of his eyes shone mesmerizingly.

“Ha, ha. If the great Zi Shang loves it so much, would you like me to whip your body a few times so you can experience it? I am very willing to help you with that!” Ye Jiuge narrowed her eyes with a malicious smile.

If she was whipping this shameless demon snake, she would use more of her energy to whip him harder.

“Tsk, tsk. You are a Little Jiuge without a conscience. I have treated you so well, but you are still thinking of hitting me. You are truly a brutal person who likes to use violence.” Zi Shang was not angry at her. On the contrary, he laughed happily, akin to the splendid summer flowers.

“That’s right. I am a violent person. Which is why it is for your own good that you stay away from me.” Ye Jiuge placed both of her hands on his bare chest and pushed him away forcefully.

Every time they met, he wanted to press close to her. Was that a snake’s natural instinct?

Ye Jiuge considered whether she needed to buy a wooden bat to carry around at all times.

“A wooden bat is cold to the touch; it would not be as comfortable as hugging you.” Zi Shang smiled widely as he pressed himself closer and tightened his coil around her.

“Say, can you not be so close to me?” Although the coolness and smoothness of Zi Shang’s body was very comfortable, she still felt = unused to it!

Ye Jiuge suddenly smiled. Not only that, she smiled very gently, “If you can hear me because we are so close, what use are your ears? Let me chop them off for you and clean them properly.”

“Do you think that you are capable of cutting them off?” Zi Shang grinned confidently without any fear.

“That’s right. I would not be able to beat you in a fight now, but there are many demon catchers in the Lei Kingdom. If they became aware of your presence, do you think that severing both of your ears would be sufficient for them?” Ye Jiuge gave Zi Shang’s lower body a pointed look. The meaning behind her words was obvious.

“You dared to threaten me? Aren’t you afraid that I will revoke your spiritual power?” Zi Shang raised his eyebrow. Although he seemed relaxed and unconcerned, the imposing air of a conqueror that radiated from him was as oppressive as a fierce tiger.

“If you want to revoke it, then do it. I would rather die than betray myself and yield to your wishes.” Although Ye Jiuge spoke calmly, her resolve was unwavering. Her stance on the situation was as firm as a sharp unsheathed blade.

Zi Shang was moved. No one had spoken to him in this way before. The Lady of Holy Blood was truly the Lady of Holy Blood.

In the blink of an eye, he smiled as mischievously as he had before. “I was merely cracking a joke. Why do you have to be so serious about it?”

“I never joke. If you have nothing to discuss, then please leave without further ado. Thank you!” Ye Jiuge said politely.

“Who said that I have nothing to discuss?” Something had occurred to Zi Shang that made him laugh. “That sister of yours is not easily trifled with!”

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