Chapter 5 Giving Away Her Body at the Bathing Pool

Ye Yuxuan was absolutely certain that his incompetent daughter had been poisoned with a rare toxin so that the nerves of her entire body were completely damaged. In this lifetime, it would be impossible for her to practice any cultivation.

However, the move she pulled earlier of pushing Ye Shanshan forward to take her place was so swift that not even he had been able to see it clearly. With such cultivation, was it really possible that she was incompetent?

“Father, didn’t I mention it earlier? After Ye Shanshan pushed me into the Wanzhang Depths, I did not die. Instead, I obtained a high-quality elixir that cleans the marrow and relocates the nerves. There …” Ye Jiuge paused for a moment, and the corner of her lips curled into a devious smile. “Father, can you guess who left this elixir for me?”

Although Ye Jiuge did not state it clearly, it was obvious that the only person who could have placed such an elixir at the bottom of the Wanzhang Depths, foreseeing that Ye Jiuge would face such adversity, was her grandfather, Yun Tianwei. Yun Tianwei was a legendary figure. Therefore, it was not far-fetched to connect all of these impossible occurrences to him, which could explain Ye Jiuge’s change in personality and increase in cultivated power.

Again, the crowd was in an uproar. They never thought that the Great Master Yun, who was rumored to be dead in the wild, was still alive. It was explosive news.

Ye Tianwei’s eyes widened. He could not believe that Yun Tianwei was still alive, considering how, in the past…

But it was impossible that Yun Tianwei was still alive! Ye Jiuge, incorrigible girl, must be lying to him!

However, it was possible that the information about the elixir was true. Perhaps, she had also obtained other treasures from the Wanzhang Depths!

A hint of greed flashed in Ye Yuxuan’s eyes. Immediately, he changed his expression. “Jiuge, I never thought that you would have this kind of fateful encounter with good fortune. You have proved yourself to be my good daughter. Look at your clothes covered in blood. Your body must be in pain. Quickly, go into the house. I will find a female spiritual-medical practitioner to tend to you!”

His face showed a look of affection and love, as if he had not been the one wanting to lash her with a whip!

Ye Jiuge’s eyes became grave. From Ye Yuxuan’s expression, it was clear that he believed that her grandfather had passed away. Could it be possible that he knew something? But now was not the time to shed all pretense of cordiality with Ye Yuxuan.

Ye Jiuge conceded to Ye Yuxuan’s show of goodwill. As she walked into the Ye residence, she said, “There is no need for a spiritual-medical practitioner, Father. All you need to do is bring Ye Shanshan to justice by punishing her.”

Immediately, Ye Yuxuan’s face froze.

The classes of spiritual power in all the vast lands and seas of Mainland China were ranked from lowest to highest as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Ye Shanshan had a rare aptitude belonging to the blue class. At a young age, she had already achieved the threshold required to become a spiritual elixir alchemist. She was also now in the Crown Prince’s favor. How could he punish her? For the moment, he avoided the topic.

Ye Jiuge knew that Ye Yuxuan would not punish Ye Shanshan, so she did not feel the slightest bit disappointed! In any case, there would be time enough for that later. She would not let anyone who had harmed her get away with it!

Ye Jiuge returned to her residence. It was vacant. Not even a servant in sight.

Her body felt disgusting. She was lethargic and sleepy, but she was too lazy to search for the servants, so she boiled her own water and filled the bathing pool to the brim. Afterwards, she shed her bloody clothes and began to bathe.


As Ye Jiuge reclined in the bathing pool, she was astonished to discover the sudden appearance of a thumb-sized purple imprint on her pale wrist. When she touched the enigmatic mark, it became uneven, as if carved into her flesh.

Ye Jiuge furrowed her brows and clawed at it with her fingernails, intending to peel the imprint away. She never expected a purple light to shine out from the mark into the bathing pool.

Suddenly, a remarkably handsome man with the body of a human and a snake tail appeared in front of her. A purple horn, seven-inches long, on the top of his head emanated a mysterious glow. His incomparably handsome face had a pair of stoic purple eyes, and his silver hair gleamed like moonlight. His physique was rugged, with a lean waist, sexually-appealing Apollo’s belt and strange, purplish-black demon lines traversing his jade-like skin. Below his waist dangled a slender snake tail that seemed to be made of obsidian.

Stunning, powerful, terrifying—that was Ye Jiuge’s impression of the demon emperor’s arrival!

“Little Jiuge, are there any matters for which you have summoned me?”

Zi Shang’s purple eyes emanated a mesmerizing glow. A lazy smile hung on his lips.

“How are you here?” Ye Jiuge’s entire body was tense as she looked warily at Zi Shang, who had suddenly materialized.

“Little Jiuge, is this how you treat the person who saved your life? This really hurts my feelings!”

With a sway, Zi Shang’s tail coiled around Ye Jiuge. His skin was so fair it was slightly translucent, not to mention smooth as silk. With a warm hug, he locked her tightly in his embrace, which was sturdy as a cage: no one could escape from it.

“Let go of me!” Ye Jiuge struggled. She despised the feeling of being restrained.

“Be obedient and don’t move.” Zi Shang pressed himself close to Ye Jiuge’s ear and asked in an intimate tone, “Do you like the power I gifted you?”

“As it turns out, it was just you playing tricks all along!” Ye Jiuge’s body stilled.

She had felt that something was strange; it was obvious that her body’s nerves were all dead, so how could it possess such a formidable power?

“I can help you become even stronger!”

Zi Shang’s red, wet lips curved into a charming, wicked smile, and his red forked tongue was faintly discernible. It was as if he was a demon capable of ensnaring human hearts; he could coax a person into giving their soul away at any moment.

“There is no need. If you want my body, then take it now!”

Ye Jiuge was expressionless as she spoke, her gaze cold. She had not forgotten the words she had previously uttered. As long as he could save her, she would give him anything.

“Tsk, tsk. Your little expression is really adorable. I love it!” Zi Shang stretched out his bright red forked tongue and licked the black scar on Ye Jiuge’s face. He laughed deeply and said, “But you have misunderstood me. I do not plan to take your body!”

At least, not now.

“Then, what do you want?”

Ye Jiuge fixed her eyes on Zi Shang’s handsome face, which was almost within her reach. Such a good-looking and strong man could have anything he wanted, so why did he feel the need to get involved with an incompetent, ugly woman like her?

“I just require a little bit of your blood. To you, it is insignificant.”

Zi Shang drew up Ye Jiuge’s index finger and used the tip of his sharp teeth to gently bite into her skin. He licked the blood drops that oozed out and narrowed his purple eyes to show his enjoyment, as if he had just tasted the most delicious thing in the entire world.

“Just this?” Ye Jiuge furrowed her eyebrows. Did he think that she was a three-year-old child who would believe that a fierce beast could be satisfied by a drop of blood?

“Of course, it is your responsibility to make your blood taste even more delicious. Right now, there is still room for improvement!” Zi Shang shook his head, thinking that it was such a pity. He lowered his head, intending to lick Ye Jiuge’s tender and beautiful red lips when she pushed him away with her palm.

“Speak nicely and stop using your tongue.”

“Alright. Actually, the poison in your body is called the ‘Nine Stages of Fractured Bones.’

Every time the poison is in effect, the nerves in your entire body feel pain, as if they were severed. However, if you cleanse the poison completely, you will also clean your marrow, relocate your nerves, and restructure the constitution of your entire body!”

Zi Shang lifted his jade-like fingers, and a purple ball flew towards Ye Jiuge’s forehead.

Ye Jiuge felt a quake in her mind, and new cultivation techniques from the All-encompassing Scripture appeared in her brain. These cultivation techniques included elixir, magical instruments, and body and skill cultivation. They could restore her nerves and dispel the poison in her body.

Zi Shang drew close to Ye Jiuge’s ear and whispered, “How about that? I treat you so well!”

His deep, alluring voice was like that of a lover murmuring sweet nothings.

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