Chapter 8 The Genius Son

After school, Ning Ning visited the supermarket nearby to purchase some vegetables, fruits, and poultry. As he was passing by the park, he saw an elderly man sitting on a long bench.

He was clothed in a fitting traditional suit, looking dignified.

An extended Rolls-Royce luxury car was parked by the roadside nearby. A man was talking on the phone anxiously, apparently rushing someone to come and tow the car.

From the looks of it, the car must have broken down!

Both of them were practically face-to-face. All of a sudden, Old Master Ye stood up agitatedly, his complexion changing. Ning Ning was frightened by his abrupt action.


Although Ning Ning found it odd, he maintained an impressive gentlemanly demeanor as he greeted Old Master Ye with a graceful smile, “Nice to meet you, Grandpa!”

Old Master Ye was shocked to see the boy he met at the airport the other day, the one who looked a lot like Ye Chen. The resemblance seemed even more striking now.

Those eyes and elegant demeanor—there was a 99% similarity.

“Who is your father?” Old Master Ye asked outright. He was so shocked that he could not even control the tremor in his voice despite his experience in the business world all these years.

“Grandpa, do you always ask about their father whenever you meet a stranger?” Ning Ning asked with a small smile.

Old Master Ye held his breath at this question. Suddenly, his phone rang and he picked it up. Ning Ning initially wanted to leave, but Older Master Ye’s words over the phone stopped him in his tracks.

“Ye Chen wants to change his secretary?” Old Master Ye asked, his expression darkening.

Ning Ning raised his brows, a contemplating look on his face.

“In this case, let Ruoxi do it. I will be more relieved with her keeping an eye on him!” Old Master Ye’s voice was extremely cold.

Ning Ning’s lips curved upward with a touch of elegant coldness.

A cynical look flashed across his dark eyes. It eventually dissipated, returning him to his innocent disposition.

“Mhm, that is all for now!” Old Master Ye hung up the call and locked his eyes on Ning Ning’s face. “Who is your father?” he repeated.

Ning Ning gave a particularly elegant smile. “You do not have to know anything else other than the fact that he is a teacher!”

With that, he took a step away and left.

A teacher? Old Master Ye pursed his lips, seemingly deep in thoughts, before smiling bitterly. Perhaps it was just a coincidence. It did not make any sense for Ye Chen to have anything to do with such commoners.

As he was approaching the apartment, Ning Ning took out his phone and dialed a number. “Auntie Yun, please do me a favor…”

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