Chapter 18 Seeing the Ex-Boyfriend after Seven Years

When seeing Wang Rui and Chen Yingying seven years later, Cheng Anya was stunned.

“Anya, how did you end up here?” Wang Rui exclaimed as he saw Anya. After a quick discussion with Chen Yingying in hushed tones, envy washed over Wang Rui’s face and he shot Anya a terrifying gaze.

“Young Master Wang, I am President Ye’s secretary.” Anya smiled.

“Anya, I didn’t expect to see you here.” Wang Rui rushed over excitedly. As he grasped Anya’s hand, he was scheming and thought that Wang Enterprise could be saved. He had a chance, and he had to seize it.

“I have long heard that Ye Chen has a very capable secretary, but I did not expect her to be Anya.”

Anya, who was young and looked like a college student, did not seem to have the ability to become Ye Chen’s secretary. Anya’s looks must have won her the job, and god knows what other relationships Ye Chen had with her to help her get the job.

Wang Rui was jealous. He had dated Anya for a year and did not even get a kiss from Anya. Now, someone else had won Anya over. His heart was filled with indescribable envy.

However, what was most important at present was to save Wang Enterprise. As for Anya, she had changed substantially in the past seven years. While she still looked innocent, the innocence and simple beauty lost was made up with her beauty.

How exciting could it get! If she was able to bed Ye Chen, what else could she not do?

Asking for Anya’s help was most important now, and all else could wait.

“Did you miss me? Oh boy, I missed you for the past six years and have been trying to find out more about you. Where have you been?”

Cheng Anya’s emotions sank as she looked down and saw Wang Rui excitedly holding her hands. Were they so familiar with each other?

Brother Wang, how sad it was to be you.

It was seven years, not six years, okay?

It would have been a great help if you had run through your lines before meeting me. Geez, it’s so easy to see through you.

Damn it!

Who the hell did he even think he was? She knew that Wang Rui would come by today, and to be honest, she could not remember Wang Rui’s face. Based on what happened previously, Wang Rui had failed to make a lasting impression on her.

“Young Master Wang, the president is waiting for you in the room.” Anya smiled lightly.

“You’re his secretary? I’m afraid ‘bed partner’ is a better term,” Chen Yingying jabbed Anya sharply. Since Ye Chen was a known womanizer, it wasn’t uncommon for him to pursue women around him. Moreover, Chen Yingying had really disliked Anya ever since they were students.

In order to get close to Wang Rui, Anya did not genuinely befriend Yingying whilst getting to know her. When Anya won over Wang Rui’s heart, she had no sense of guilt. Anya had no qualms about deceiving people with her innocent face.

“As long as it is not between husband and wife, any ambiguous relationship between a man and a woman can be described as ‘bed partner’. Miss Chen, how many people do you bed every day?” Cheng Anya smiled and asked, “Who can’t mock people, eh? I’ll make sure to mock you to death!”

“Cheng Anya, you…” Chen Yingying was so angry that blood drained from her face.

“What are you doing?” asked a cold voice as it drifted over the room. Even though it was burning with anger, the room seemingly plunged into a cold winter.

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