Chapter 17 To Insult Someone without Swearing

As a week flashed by, Anya had already established herself in MBS. As the chief secretary of Third Young Master Ye, Anya’s ability turned heads. You Lili saw that Anya was able to run the show on her own and happily went on vacation.

The four women working in the secretariat, who once sneered at her, became respectful.

Through her abilities, Anya established herself as a valuable person in MBS.

In a highly competitive environment like MBS, one must be able to walk the talk. Ye Chen’s secretaries were specially chosen for their strengths, which made them proud and conceited. It took Anya a lot of work to win their hearts and minds over.

The only thing that made Anya unhappy was that she had to face Third Young Master Ye’s handsome face daily. Having to face Third Young Master Ye daily was such a torture that she gave her partner a hot kiss before she left for work.

As Anya turned, she saw the biggest person in the company. She had to keep herself alert lest she fleeted over to Ye Chen and kissed him.

Speaking of how sick men could get, Klose was not too different from Third Young Master Ye. When she was in England, she had to record all of Klose’s exchanges with his mistresses. On Klose’s whim and beck, Anya had to be able to recall any specific information about the mistress Klose wanted to know.

What left her puzzled was how Klose was not interested in famous women, but the partners of rich men. As long as he took a fancy to the lady, he would flirt and even bed her regardless of whether said partner’s husband was present.

One could understand how Anya, who once had a hand in these arrangements for Klose, was so disgusted with him and couldn’t wait to send him far away.

Ye Chen was no better as he had a very affectionate girlfriend who was also a socialite. He had many mistresses, and to date, received calls from more than twenty women in the past week.

Everyone wanted to date Ye Chen, and Ye Chen had Anya to cover him.

Begging, asking, insulting… Anya took it all in stride.

Ye Chen had initially wanted to see how miserable Anya could get by handling his romantic affairs. Even You Lili who was experienced had to occasionally hurry and became annoyed.

Little did anyone know that Anya was beyond his expectations.

Whenever Ye Chen’s mistresses called, Anya would pick up the calls without fail. She would entertain them with a smile and have a perfect excuse to turn down each of them. She would tell the mistresses that Ye Chen was in a meeting, but she would never repeat herself.

The variety of excuses Anya was able to pull off was mind-boggling.

There was once Ye Chen pushed open the door, only to hear Anya tell his mistress over the phone, “The president is now working with Ms. Yun Ruoxi in the lounge and would only be available in a moment.”

Ye Chen was so angry that his handsome face became contorted.

Anya being Ye Chen’s most competent secretary was an undeniable fact. She was indeed adept at handling such problems.

“President, I am sorry I had to lie, but that seemed to be more in line with your character,” Anya said sweetly and innocently.

To insult someone without swearing!

Damn! Those who had worked for Klose were nothing short of sick!

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