Chapter 16 Being Despised by the Son

You Lili briefed her on the workflow responsibly and brought her around to familiarize with the environment. Cheng Anya adapted to it quickly but was totally exhausted to the point that she was nearly paralyzed at night.

When she returned home from work, she saw Ning Ning, who was wearing an apron, getting busy in the kitchen. Looking at the busy silhouette of the cute little kid, Cheng Anya felt a minuscule sense of guilt as a mom. It was really just a tiny little bit of guilt…

“Darling, I love you!” Cheng Anya put down a pile of document reports, tugged at his little face, and planted a kiss. Such tender skin! It felt so comfortable kissing it. Damn, it was really unlike a certain someone who was always ice-cold like a refrigerator!

“Mommy, I love you too!” Ning Ning returned her kiss gracefully. Cheng Anya was moved to tears after a whole day of fatigue.

Son, Mom loves you just like how mouse loves rice.

“Mommy, how was work today?”

“Don’t ask that first. Wait till I have eaten a few mouthfuls, then we will talk about it.” Cheng Anya was so hungry that she used all her remaining energy to stuff the food into her mouth, making a fast and clean sweep of the delicious dishes made by her son.

“Talk, darling. What is with that expression of yours? It is as if you are looking forward to something.”

“What expression of mine that seems looking forward to something? That is me despising your table manners, alright?”


“Mommy, do you like the working environment at MBS?”

“Don’t like it!”


Anya clenched her fists. Her little universe began to blaze radiantly. “Because there is an evil beast!”


“Then, did you see anyone familiar?”

“Familiar people?” Cheng Anya tilted her head to a side, trying hard to recall the faces of the managers from the various departments and filtered them with the faces of people whom she had seen before. “They are a bunch of strangers. There is no familiar face.”

“I have lost to you!”

“Ning Ning, what are you trying to convey with that facial expression? Are you despising me, your mom?”

“Mom, you pseudo lady! Aiya, let’s eat, let’s eat. I really should not have expected too much from you.”


The feeling of being despised by her son was really terrible.

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