Chapter 15 My New Secretary

Cheng Anya wept in her heart. She resented herself for being young and ignorant seven years ago!

Even though Third Young Master Ye was not as oppressive and cold as compared to seven years ago, she should not have been that blind. She should not have treated him as a money boy! Instead, she actually threw him a hundred yuan for his prostitution service.

Cheng Anya, you idiot!

If Third Young Master Ye was reminded of the time she messed things up and found out that she secretly gave birth to Ning Ning without his knowledge, she would definitely land herself into deep trouble and died a graveless death.

Would it be too late for her to say she had entered the wrong door?

What was he trying to say with that expression on his face? A beast was a beast; they always judged others with ill intentions. Damn it, could you not put on that sinister expression?

“Are you sure you are of legal age?” Ye Chen leaned back lazily, his body arching slightly against the seat. This girl… Why did her face look as if it was paralyzed? Couldn’t she put on any facial expressions at all?

Disgraceful. That was definitely humiliating!

F*ck, why didn’t you ask me if I was of legal age when you took full advantage of me seven years ago?

Cheng Anya seemed to have forgotten that it was her who took the first step to seduce him.

“President Ye, I am 24 years old. I am already of legal age,” Cheng Anya answered seriously.

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows and supported his chin with his interlocked fingers while he looked askance at Cheng Anya, a forced smile tugged at his lips. His gaze reminded Cheng Anya of snakes.

A clammy snake.

Cheng Anya felt uneasy.

Did he really not remember her at all?

Cheng Anya panicked. Her back was drenched in cold sweat and her nerves tensed up. Logically, humiliation such as being made a fool of and thrown with a hundred yuan’ worth of prostitution money must have been a first for the dignified Third Young Master Ye. It was enough to leave a deep impression that was impossible to forget.

Only if others had often done the same to Third Young Master Ye could he have stayed as calm as he was now; as if it had become second nature to him after being so used to it.

Cheng Anya was uncertain about her wild guess.

“Miss You will brief you on the specific workflow. Since you are London’s number one secretary, you should show everyone your capabilities then. You may leave the room if there is nothing else!” Ye Chen’s tone was indifferent as always.

One could not discern the mood hidden underneath his deep glance.

“Yes, President Ye!” Cheng Anya let out a sigh of relief.

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