Chapter 14 Seeing Third Young Master Ye for the Second Time

Cheng Anya went up to the 32nd floor.

It was very spacious and adorned with luxurious decors.

At a glance, the President of MBS seemed to have a number of secretaries working together—all pretty and smart-looking.

Cheng Anya took a deep breath to ease her nervousness.

You Lili saw her at first sight and walked over to greet her, “Hello, are you Miss Cheng Anya? I am You Lili.”

Cheng Anya shook her hand politely. “Hello, I am Cheng Anya. I look forward to working with you!”

“Likewise. I am Li Yun’s friend. There would be a lot of opportunities for us to meet in the future.” You Lili was very surprised. The lady before her was unexpectedly young. She looked youthful in the photo and was even younger in person.

Looking fresh and pure, the office attire did not really match her. Was she really the top secretary groomed by Klose?

The other four women were also whispering to one another. They had already known someone was taking over You Lili’s chief secretary position. It was rumored that she was the only person who remained under GK International’s Klose for a year. Furthermore, she resigned of her own accord so she must be a capable lady.

Why did she look like a university student?

As everyone looked at each other, they started to question the sight of Anya.

“President, Miss Cheng Anya is here!”

“Come in!” A low and rich magnetic voice came through. Cheng Anya’s heart skipped a beat. Why did the voice sound so familiar? She must have been hearing things…

Pushing the door open, Cheng Anya was stupefied!

This world is like a fantasy!

F*ck! The world couldn’t be this narrow for enemies to keep crossing paths, could it?

“It is you?” Ye Chen looked askance, his thin lips hissing out doubts dangerously. He never dreamed that the new secretary was actually her. He did not even expect that she was Cheng Anya.

The time stood still!

Ye Chen’s handsome face was expressionless, concealing his emotions. No matter how he looked, he still felt that she was very young. She seemed to be in her early 20s, fair-skinned and innocent. Her pair of eyes filled with bright colours.

To ascertain her capabilities, he deliberately called Klose. When the latter heard that Cheng Anya would join MBS, he wailed like ghosts and howled like foxes, screaming at Ye Chen to compensate him for his losses. The talented personnel who had undergone his abnormal training was actually gifted to Ye Chen just like that… Klose felt very painful about it.

The phone call confirmed Cheng Anya’s top-notch capabilities.

To one’s surprise, the little girl was actually London’s number one secretary. It was really incredible.

The unripe was too sour for a bite.

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