Chapter 13 First Day of Work


Ning Ning was up early. With an elegant smile, he knocked on Anya’s door lightly. “Mom, wake up. You have work today!”

“Got it, got it…,” Cheng Anya replied, still in a daze.

Ning Ning gave a slight smile before proceeding to wash and dress himself up. He then walked into the kitchen, washed the pots, and turned on the gas, frying some eggs and cooking two sets of nutritious breakfast. After making some sandwiches that smelled delicious, he warmed some milk. Following after, he opted to open the door straight away this time and jumped onto the bed, kicking Cheng Anya off it.


“Ah, it hurts…”

Ning Ning jumped down coolly, ignoring his mother’s displeased gaze. He filled a cup with water and squeezed some toothpaste onto a toothbrush before smiling and making a ‘please enter’ gesture.

“Mom, MBS is very strict. If you turn up late, you will lose this job, and both of us will have to starve.”

Cheng Anya felt like crying.


“I hate you, Ning Ning!” Cheng Anya roared, entering the washroom with resentment. Ning Ning folded the blanket for her and chose a set of clothes for work, placing it onto the bed in a neat fashion.

Cheng Anya exited the washroom and dressed herself up, putting on light make-up and tying up her hair.

When she came out, Ning Ning had already packed his bag and was eating his breakfast. “Morning, Mom. Hurry and eat your breakfast so that we can leave together.”

Anya bit into her sandwich, which was of five-star standard, grudgingly. She felt guilt worming its way into her heart.

Shouldn’t the mom be the one tending to the son in the morning? How did her son end up attending to her?

Her son was a genius indeed. He could even do a maid’s work so outstandingly.


She probably would not need to worry about relying on him for the rest of her life.

“Ning Ning, I am so sorry!”

Ning Ning nodded in all seriousness, showing that he understood, before rushing Anya to finish her breakfast. His dear mom was great in all ways, but she tended to laze in bed too much and was not adept at housework. Poor him. He ended up being great at housework and cooking at such a young age.

“Ning Ning, you’d better not get married this lifetime. You have to provide for mom for the rest of your life, okay?”


What a good boy! Future daughter-in-law, move aside! It was not easy bringing up such an amazing son. How could she let someone else take him away just like that? Anya finally understood the reason for the tense relationship between all mothers and daughters-in-law.

The MBS building was situated in the bustling central area, extending into the sky. Its magnificent grandeur was a sight to behold.

Anya let out a long sigh.

You could do it, Cheng Anya!

For the money, let’s start working!

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