Chapter 11 The Elegant Prince Charming

The romantic lighting and elegant interior of the restaurant made it very suitable for couples to dine in.

Cheng Anya fiddled with the foie gras sauce distractedly, silently praying that she would not bump into that man again. Her poor little heart was not stress-resistant enough to withstand these shocks.

“Anya, why aren’t you eating anything?” Yang Zekun asked gently with a worried expression.

Cheng Anya came back to her senses quickly and smiled apologetically. She touched her nose in mild embarrassment. Such an action somehow seemed cute in Yang Zekun’s eyes. It deepened his fondness for her.

“Senior, I am so sorry for what happened this time. I did not keep my promise. I deserve to be scolded!”

“Don’t say that, you silly girl. Seeing that you found a job you are satisfied with, I couldn’t even wait to congratulate you; I have no reason to scold you at all. Although it is a pity that we cannot work together, it is more important that you like the job. The rest aren’t as important,” Yang Zekun said with gentleness.

Cheng Anya felt increasingly guilty by the minute. He was always so gentle and patient, constantly giving in to her. He resembled a white jade, fine and smooth without any blemish. Why was she not attracted to such an amazing guy?


If only there was a mutual attraction between them, it would be perfect. Her senior would definitely make a perfect lover and a perfect husband.

Damn it! This stupid heart of mine always thumps at the wrong moments!

“Sorry!” Cheng Anya said faintly.

“Silly girl.” Yang Zekun reached his hand out and tapped her sharp nose lightly. The doting smile on his face was so gentle that one could practically drown in it. “As long as you are happy!”

To him, Anya was the most precious. He protected her silently for so many years. He could never bear to force her to do anything she did not want to. If he could, he would give all the best things in the world to Anya.

He could not bear for her to be unhappy.

Cheng Anya laughed it off and made a silly face at him. Her appetite was much better now.

Not far off, Ye Chen’s gaze narrowed, his deep eyes betraying no emotion. He had already noticed them the moment he entered the restaurant. Yang Zekun, president of Yao Hua Group. What’s their relationship?

He once met Yang Zekun in the business world. Although Yang Zekun had an air of elegance around him and never failed to greet others with a smile, his smile always seemed to carry a tint of disaffection and coldness.

But now he had a gentle and doting look on his face. That girl was like a beloved pearl in his palms. As a guy, he naturally knew the meaning behind that scorching gaze. At the same time, that girl did not seem to reject his affectionate actions.

Could it be that they are lovers?

This piece of information angered Ye Chen greatly, his eyes morphing into balls of fury. It felt as though his most precious item was coveted by someone else. This damn girl! She was frigidly cold before, yet she was smiling so sweetly now.

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