I Can Freely Travel Between Infinite Planes

Zhu He (祝贺) obtained a mysterious dimension, but any crops he planted there did not yield any harvest. Isn’t this not allowing him to walk along the protagonist’s route, not letting him live! Where is the promised happiness!
Huh, it seems there’s always a way out! By accident, Zhu He was hiding in his mysterious dimension reading a novel on his phone when his phone was turned by the mysterious dimension into a tree, and through this tree, Zhu He could enter the world of the novel stored in his phone.
From this point onwards, the rise of Zhu He began.
Watch as the protagonist freely travels between the worlds of movies, anime, and novels, and unify thousands of planes.
Title: I Can Freely Travel Between Infinite Planes
Alternative name: 无尽位面任我行
Author: Thorny Life
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Xuanhuan
Release: 2014
Page(Chapter): 129 Chapters (Dropped)
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Categories: Action, All Novel

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