Mu Shen Ji

Daxu’s ancestors said, “Don’t go out at night. The old, weak, sick and handicapped in Daxu Canlao Village picked up a baby from the river, named Qin Mu, and worked hard to raise him. As night fell on this day, darkness enveloped the ruins, and Qin Mu walked out of the house… Be a villain in the spring breeze! The blind man said to him. Qin Mu’s villain is on the rise!
Title: Mu Shen Ji
Alternative name: 牧神记
Author: House pig
Genre: novel
Release: N/A
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dark, don’t go out.

This sentence has been circulated in the Can Lao Village for many years. When it was passed down, there is no way to verify it. But this sentence is the truth, without doubt.

The grandmother of the Can Lao Village saw the setting sun hiding behind the mountain, and her heart became nervous again. As the setting sun sets, the last ray of sunlight disappears, and the world is suddenly silent, without any sound. I saw darkness slowly flooding from the west, swallowing mountains, rivers, roads and trees along the way, and then came to Dilapidated Village and flooded Dilapidated Village.

There are four ancient stone statues erected on the four corners of the Can Lao Village. The stone statues are mottled and age old. Even Granny Si does not know who carved the stone statues and when they were erected here.

The darkness fell, and the four stone statues exuded a faint light in the darkness. The stone statues were still on, which made the old lady and the old man in the village breathe a sigh of relief.

The darkness outside the village is getting stronger, but with the light of the stone statues, the dilapidated old village is still safe.


the old lady’s ears moved, she was dumbfounded, and lost her voice: “Listen, there is a child crying outside!” Elder Ma next to him shook his head and said, “Impossible, you heard me wrong… Hey, there are babies. The cry of a

baby !” The cry of a baby came from the darkness outside the village. The other old people in the village heard this cry except those who were deaf. The old people looked at each other and the disabled village was remote and desolate. Why would there be babies nearby?

“I’ll see!”

Secretary mother excited, Dianzhe feet ran a stone edge of the village, past Maro quickly: “?! Secretary old woman, are you crazy dark, out of the village is dead,”

“carrying This stone statue is out of the village, and the things in the dark are afraid of the stone statue. I will not die in a while!”

Grandma bent over and tried to lift the stone statue, but she was hunched back and couldn’t do it. Old Ma shook his head: “I’ll come. I will accompany you with a stone statue on my back!”

Another old man limped over and said: “Master Ma, you only have one arm, and the stone statue on your back can’t last long. I have both hands. I will carry it.”

Old Ma stared at him: “Dead lame, You have a broken leg, can you walk? Although I only have one arm, this arm is very powerful!”

He lifted the stone statue with one arm and steadily steadily made the stone statue unimaginably heavy: “Old lady Si, we Go!”

“Don’t call me dead old woman! Lame, dumb, you all have to be careful. There is a stone statue missing in the village. Don’t be touched by something in the dark!”

Old Ma and Granny walked out of the disabled village. , I don’t know if there is something weird around the two in the darkness, but as soon as the stone statue shines, it creaks back into the darkness.

The two followed the cry and walked a hundred steps to a big river, where the baby’s cry came from the river. The stone statue emits a faint light, not too far away, the two carefully captured the sound position, walked up the river along the river, walked dozens of steps, the cry is nearby, and Ma Lao’s one-armed is already difficult to support. The grandmother’s eyes lit up, and she saw a little bit of fluorescence. It was a basket parked on the river bank. The fluorescence came from the basket, and the crying came from the basket.

“There is really a child!” The

grandmother stepped forward and lifted the basket, but she was slightly startled and failed to lift it up. Under the basket was an arm that was soaked white by the river water. It was this arm that held the basket and the child in the basket. Hold it all the way to the shore.

“Don’t worry, the child is safe.” Granny Si whispered to the woman underwater.

The female corpse seemed to have heard her words, released her palm, was washed away by the river, and disappeared into the darkness.

The old lady lifted up the basket. In the basket was a baby in a swaddle. There was a jade pendant on the swaddle, which glowed with fluorescence. The light of this jade pendant is similar to that of the stone statue, but it is much weaker. It is the jade pendant that protects the child in the basket from things in the dark.

It’s just that Yu Pei’s light is very weak, and it can only protect the child, but not the woman.

“It’s a boy.”

Back to the disabled village, the villagers in the village surrounded them, all old, weak, sick and disabled. Granny Si lifted the swaddle and took a look, grinned, and her teeth were scattered: “We finally have a healthy person in our handicapped old village!”

The lame man with only one leg was surprised: “Old lady Si, are you going to raise him? It’s hard for us to feed ourselves! I think we’d better send it out…” The

old lady was furious: “Why do you want to give away the child that my old lady picked up by her own ability?”

The villagers were stubborn and afraid to refute her, and the village chief sat there. When he came over on a stretcher, he was a bit more miserable than the others. Somehow other people had hands and feet, but there were fewer than normal people, and he was helpless. But everyone respected him very much, even the fierce grandmother did not dare to be presumptuous.

“Since you want to raise him, then you should give him a name?” The

village chief said: “Old lady, do you see anything else in the basket?”

Grandmother turned over and shook her head and said, “Only this jade pendant. There are no other papers or anything. There are words on the jade pendant, which is the Qin character. This jade pendant has no impurities, and there are strange powers in it. It is not a common product. It should be from a big family?”

“Is his name Qin or Qin? The

village chief thought, and said: “Let him be named Qin, his name is Mu, Qin Mu. When he grows up, he will be asked to graze, so that he can live.”

“Qin Mu.” Si mother-in-law looked at the baby. The baby, the baby is not afraid of her, and even babbles.

…By the

river, the sound of the flute came, and the shepherd boy was sitting on the back of a cow and playing the flute. This shepherd boy was eleven or twelve years old, with beautiful eyes, red lips and white teeth, half-open clothes, and a jade pendant on his chest.

This boy was the baby that Granny Si picked up from the riverside eleven years ago. Over the years, the old people in the village worked hard to raise the child. Granny Si didn’t know where to get a cow and asked Qin Mu, who was a baby, to drink milk every day. , Survived the period of easy premature death.

Although the villagers in the Can Lao Village are fierce and evil, they are very good to him. Granny is a tailor. On weekdays, Qin Mu learns to tailor clothes from his mother-in-law, learns medicine from the pharmacist, learns leg skills from the lame grandfather, and follows the blind man. Grandpa learns to listen to sounds, and then learns to breathe and breathe with the village chief who has no arms and legs, and the days pass quickly.

This cow was his childhood nanny. Granny Si originally planned to sell it, but Qin Mu was reluctant to give it up, so the task of herding the cow was given to him.

He often grazes cattle by the river, the green hills are like Dai Dai, blue waves and white clouds, very comfortable.

“Qin Mu, Qin Mu, help me!”

Suddenly, the cow under him spoke. Qin Mu was taken aback, and quickly jumped off the cow’s back, only to see the cow with tears in his eyes and vomiting. People say to him: “Qin Mu, you grew up eating my milk, I am your half mother, you want to save me!”

Qin Mu blinked and tentatively asked, “How can I save you?”

The cow Said: “You have a sickle around your waist, just peel off my skin, and you can save me.”

Qin Mu hesitated, and the cow said, “Have you forgotten the grace of nurturing?”

Qin Mu raised the sickle and carefully cut the hide. It is also blamed that the cowhide was peeled off, and there was no trace of blood flowing out, and the cowhide was actually empty, without flesh and bones.

When the cowhide was half peeled, a woman in her twenties and thirties rolled out from the inside. Her two legs were still wrapped in the ox, and the skin and the cowhide were connected, but the upper limbs had been separated from the cowhide.

The woman with disheveled hair, grabbed the sickle in Qin Mu’s hand who was already shocked, cut the cowhide on her legs and feet two or three times, looked at Qin Mu, guilty of guts, put the sickle on Qin Mu’s neck, and sneered. “Little wicked man, I was turned into a cow because of you. For eleven years, I can only eat grass and feed you milk! Poor, I just gave birth to a baby before I became a cow, so I was tricked by the temptress. Turn me into a cow to feed you! Today I finally get out of trouble, kill you first, and then bloodbath the wicked people in this village!”

Qin Mu’s brain slammed, wondering what the woman who got out of the cowhide was talking about.

The woman was about to stab him to death, suddenly her heart felt cold, she looked down, and a knife came out of her chest.

“Mu’er, your pharmacist grandfather asked you to go back and take medicine.” The woman’s body fell down, and behind her stood the lame grandfather from the village, with a kind eyebrow and a kind-eyed, honest face, holding a bloody knife in her hand, smiling at Qin Mu. Tao.

“The lame grandfather…” Qin Mu’s body was weak, he looked at the cowhide and the woman’s corpse on the ground, but he still didn’t recover.

“Go back, go back.” The lame patted him on the shoulder and laughed.

Qin Mu walked into the village with one foot high and one low. When he looked back, he saw the lame man throwing the woman’s body into the river.

The impact of this scene was so great that he didn’t know when he returned to the village.

“Qin Mu! Dead boy, how did you tell you? Don’t go out in the dark!” As

night fell, the stone statues in the four corners of the dilapidated old village automatically lit up again, and the grandmother called Qin Mu, who was about to slip out of the village to check the cowhide by the river. , Dragged him back.

“Mother-in-law, why can’t you go out in the dark?” Qin Mu asked, raising his head.

“When it is dark, there will be some terrible things moving in the dark, and going out is to die.”

Granny said solemnly: “The stone statues in the village will protect us, and things in the dark will not dare to enter the village.”

“Other villages also have the same. Is it a stone statue?” Qin Mu asked curiously.

The grandmother nodded, but her expression was a little worried, she kept looking out of the village and whispered: “The crip should be back…I really shouldn’t let the crip out, this guy has only one leg…”

“Mother, something strange happened today. …”

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment, and told the story of a woman who came out of the cow’s belly. Granny said casually: “You mean that woman? The lame man told me that he handled it very well. When you were weaned at the age of four, I said that you sold the cow, but you were reluctant to let you feed it. You see, something is wrong now? I said that you will have feelings for cows when you are four years old. “

Qin Mu blushed. Weaning at the age of four is indeed too long, but it seems that the key is not to wean at the age of four?

“Mother-in-law, that woman was killed by the lame grandfather…”


Grandma smiled and said, “That’s cheaper for her. She should have died eleven years ago. If she didn’t want to breastfeed you, she could live. Until now?”

Qin Mu didn’t know why.

Sister-in-law glanced at him and said: “This woman is the wife of the city lord of the Dragon City who is thousands of miles away. The city lord of the Dragon City is lustful, and she is jealous. . And every time the innocence of a woman is broken by the city lord of the city lord, the wife of the city lord will send someone to kill the woman alive. I sneaked into the city of claidlong and originally planned to kill her, when she saw that she had just given birth to a child. For three months, I thought that you still had no milk to drink, and she had milk, so she turned her into a cow and came back to milk you. But I didn’t expect this woman to break the seal and be able to speak, almost harming you.”

Qin Mu stunned, and lost his voice: “Mother-in-law, how can a person become a cow?” The

grandmother smiled, showing half of her mouth and teeth: “You want to learn? I will teach you… the lame is back!”

Qin Mu looked at it and saw. The crippled man was walking with a cane in one hand and the prey on his back in the other. Darkness rushed to the village like a tide, and the old lady hurriedly shouted: “Dead lame, hurry up, hurry up!”

“What’s the hurry ?”

The lame still walked towards the village unhurriedly. The moment he entered the village, the intense darkness just flooded the village. The prey on his back was a gorgeous tiger. It was not dead yet. Its tail was swept by the darkness. Suddenly the tiger uttered a roar. Qin Mu quickly looked and saw that there were only bones left on the tiger’s tail. All of his fur and flesh and blood were gone, as if it had been chewed off by something.

He looked curiously at the darkness outside the village, where it was pitch black and could not see anything.

“What’s in the darkness?” He wondered.

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