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55 Degrees: The President’s Ex-Wife Is Loved

55 Degrees: The President’s Ex-Wife Is Loved
Other names: 55度:总裁前妻惹人爱
Author: Micro Ice
Genre: Xianyan, Novels
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Looking at the picture of the womb on the phone, Meng Xi sneered. Now the world is so blatant, thinking that she would not care, but she did not expect to be extremely angry, just because that person was the one she once loved deeply. The man is ruining himself so much now. Impulsively, she entered the wrong door and confessed to the wrong person. In this way, she was entangled by a man named Han Fei. “Mr. Han, please don’t forget, I am a married woman, stay away from me.”

Every time, she refused him so righteously. His eyes flickered with infinite sincerity, and he returned solemnly: “Miss Meng, don’t forget, I am your lover.” Meng Xi was crazy and always wanted to keep a distance from him, but every time she met When difficulties meet danger, he is by her side to warm her, protect her, and teach her the ungrateful man and the arrogant mistress. It’s just that he is too mysterious, so mysterious that she can’t see clearly, can’t touch her, she has already made a mistake once, is she going to make the mistake a second time?


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