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402 Girls’ Dormitory

402 Girls’ Dormitory
Other names: 402女生寝室
Author: Yue Yan
Genre:  Supernatural
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Jinglan Normal College 402 girls bedroom Seven Nights Strange Notes! Every campus has a ghost building. Jinglan Normal University is no exception. The tragic murder 20 years ago made this weird building even more grievous. From then on, the students who entered the small building would be swallowed, no one survived, and countless ghosts wandered around the school road, teaching building, laboratory, and library every night. Is it really an evil demon?

Is there really a ghost in this world? What kind of truth was it twenty years ago; what kind of cause and effect will be twenty years later. Li Hao, the most legendary criminal policeman, tried to push through the fog. He knew that darkness spread like a plague, killing more, and cursing more severe. Crashing the small building at night became the only and sad choice…the opened forbidden place. , What is waiting for is the funeral of the dead.


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