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Time is sweet because of you

Time is sweet because of you
Other names: 时光因你而甜
Author: Helan Yang Yang
Genre: romance
Release: 2019
Status: 1093


The 18-line singer Nan Qiao and Huo’s chaebol Huo Sanshao broke out a scandal, the reporter interviewed Huo Yunxiang. “Mr. Huo, it is rumored that you are secretly dating singer Nan Qiao, is it true?” “My vision is not that bad.” Huo Yunxiang replied. After a short while, Huo, wife, mad demon, vinegar king, and Yun Xiang slapped her face frantically.

“Mr. Huo, what hobbies do you usually have?” “Nan Qiao.” “What is your favorite place, Mr. Huo?” “Where is Nan Qiao?” “… Mr. Huo, do you have any special ideals you want to achieve?” Marry Nan Qiao.” “…” The face and dog food were caught off guard.


Chapter 1 A Man named Huo Yunxiang
Chapter 2 The Noble Hit
Chapter 3 The Frog Prince or the Sleeping Beauty
Chapter 4 I’m Your Savior
Chapter 5 Isn’t That Your First Kiss?
Chapter 6 Let Him Be Accepted
Chapter 7 is someone she can’t afford
Chapter 8 I’m a scumbag
Chapter 9 Don’t tell me if you see it through, I have to face it
Chapter 10 The Deer in My Heart Almost Killed
Chapter 11 The World of the Tyrant, She Really Don’t Understand
Chapter 12 Your mouth is so poisonous, you grew up eating trash
Chapter 13
Chapter 14 Otherwise, I will practice with you?
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 You Learned a Thump
Chapter 17
Chapter 18 Is It Really Not A Dog Man?
Chapter 19 My Savior, Kissed Me
Chapter 20 Let Nan Qiao Sit Through the Prison
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