Fierce players

“Ferocious Players” is a suspense novel written by the author Hei Deng Xia Huo. It is currently being serialized. The story of the novel mainly tells that this is a real game that transcends dimensions. It is a fierce competition between the heavens and the world, and a magnificent epic. Myths, bizarre and twists and turns of otherworldly fantasy, fierce players!
Title: Fierce players
Alternative name: 玩家凶猛
Author: black light summer fire
Genre: Supernatural, novel
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 722
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Li Ang is sitting in his living room.

“Hello, system? System? Are you there?”

There was no response.

“Main God Space? System Elf? Grandpa in the ring? Behind the scenes?”

No matter how Li Ang shouted, the narration that introduced him just now did not appear.

At this moment, Li Ang was wearing a yellow sanitation uniform, a hat and mask, two pairs of latex gloves on his hands, and black non-slip rain boots on his feet.

Next to the rain boots, there is a beige plastic bucket with mop and rags, and half a bucket of blood-there are still cats’ fur skeletons floating in the blood.

After killing the human face cat, Li Ang immediately ran home and took out this set of equipment specially used to destroy the corpses, and then ran downstairs to pretend to be a sanitation worker to clean up the scene-fortunately, this community was built early in the corridor. There is no surveillance, and no one moves around.

Li Ang thought for a long time and patted an almond-colored glass bead the size of a thumb on the table.

[Name: Weird Eyeballs]

【Type: Wearing Goods】

【Quality: Rare】

【Special effects: Identify illusions and create illusions. The effective intensity, effective range, and duration of the illusion are determined by the wearer’s mental strength]

[Equipment conditions: the wearer has a physiological anatomical orbital structure]

[Remarks: Poor numbers change, and those who change due to shape change are called transformation, which is called fantasy. 】

This hard glass bead is also the right eye of the strange cat. When Li Ang looked at the bead, lines of text appeared in his eyes to describe the eyeball.

“Good luck, I am Zha Zhahui. This is a new version of the ship that you have never played before. It only costs a penny for the first rush. It costs 999 dollars at the start. “

Li Ang complained about the advertising slogan of Lan Yue, and muttered softly: “Is this world really a game…”

If the world is a virtual online game with the same server globally, then Li Ang must be a non-Krypton, non-European player starting with hell difficulty.

He has been depressed since childhood. He grew up in an orphanage at the age of seven, left the orphanage to go to society at the age of sixteen, and is now continuing his studies part-time.

Generally speaking, children in orphanages who are not physically disabled or have serious illnesses will be the priority for adoption. There are two reasons why Li Ang has become a “slow-market product” over the years.

One is that he was a little old when he arrived at the orphanage, and he remembered things prematurely. The second is that Li Ang has a wide range of ideas, active minds, and full of action, and he is so happy to…a bit weird.

From an early age, Li Ang showed his logical reasoning ability far superior to others.

The orphanage houses books donated by all walks of life. Li Ang, who likes to read, after reading “The Grimm’s Fairy Tales”, accurately inferred that the reason why Snow White was ill-fated is because there are too many villains around her.

After reading the story of Sima Guang smashing the tank, the wise Li Ang thought that he could fetch firewood and put it under the tank and burn it. When the water dries up, the children in the tank would naturally be out of danger and could keep the water tank.

The orphanage sometimes organizes watching movies. After watching the classic movie “The Last Emperor”, the witty Li Ang deduced from the perspective of genetics that the eunuch’s son should also be an eunuch.

The TV station came to the orphanage to interview, the reporter asked the children’s wishes,

Other children hope to be adopted as soon as possible or receive gifts such as dolls and toy racing cars.

While Li Ang was broadcasting live on TV, he stated that his wish is to accept more than 30 or 40 pairs of twin orphans in the orphanage, so that he can play the live-action Lianliankan game.

As for what “It’s not a Chinese to shout at a broken electric fan, it’s not Chinese”, “Call on everyone to wear two underwear to keep warm in winter”, “Wash your feet without taking off socks to save time for washing socks”, “Come here. The teacher who visited the house brought it to the garbage dump and said: “It’s too messy to clean up at home, you just sit down here”, it’s all trivial.

Li Ang, who has a wide range of ideas in patients with brain disability, and a lot of joy in brain-disabled children, is extremely intelligent, leaving a deep impression in the hearts of parents who come to adopt children.

As the saying goes, the genius is on the left and the lunatic is on the right. Li Ang, who even fart has to break his butt to reduce the fart sound, stands impartially in the middle of the border between the genius and the madman. When he sent him out of the orphanage, the dean concluded that Li Ang In the future, either as a successful person on TV, or as a heinous criminal to appear on legal programs.

However, when the anomaly invades reality, the Dean’s expectations may be shattered.

“According to the’game narration’ I heard just now, the cat that killed Mrs. Zhang also belongs to a player. Combining with the various urban tales that have been circulating recently, it can be considered that this real game has started for some time.”

“How does this game work? How does the player communicate with the system? Do you need to complete tasks to get rewards? What is the content of the tasks? Scavengers, treasures?”

“And during this period of time, how many people or animals became players? Are official or third-party organizations aware of this?”

“If so, based on the intelligence of’players are eligible to access and acquire extraordinary powers’ and’non-players kill players to obtain player qualifications’, some organizations may have begun to premeditately look for players among ordinary people… “

A sense of crisis came, but the possible “system wizard” still did not appear.

“Watch the changes.”

Li Ang thought for a long while with a gloomy expression, pinched the glass beads and brought them to his face.

This glass bead can be said to be the only trophy he obtained from the strange cat.

“…The wearer needs to have an anatomical orbital structure…”

As soon as the almond-colored eyeballs from the strange cat touched Li Ang’s eyelashes, they produced an invisible suction force. After hearing the sound of a “wave”, the glass eyeballs slowly “embedded” into Li Ang’s eye sockets at a strange angle.

“Damn, so suddenly?”

Li Ang was startled, but the severe discomfort he imagined did not appear.

He hurriedly picked up the mirror, and everything in the mirror was as usual for himself, except that his left eye became a cat-like vertical almond pupil.

Killing Matt seems on the verge of extinction.

“There are rod cells and cone cells in the retina of mammals. The former is sensitive to brightness but has no color vision and is responsible for night vision, while the latter can both perceive light intensity and distinguish light color.

The ratio of rods to cones in humans is 4:1, while that of cats is 25:1, which means that cats have stronger night vision and weaker ability to distinguish colors.

From the perspective of color vision, my left eye does not only distinguish blue, green, yellow, and purple like a cat. From the perspective of light sensitivity, my left eye has greatly improved vision in a dim environment. “

Li Ang calmly assessed the status quo, “For more data and information about this eyeball, corresponding equipment is needed for testing. According to the description of the article, it should also have the function of creating illusions…”

Li Ang closed his eyes and focused, and began to imagine in his mind, trying to reconstruct the space structure of the living room with illusion, to achieve the effect of ghost hitting the wall just seen.

In the darkness, wisps of spiritual energy slowly flowed away.

For a long time, Li Ang opened his eyes tiredly, the living room was still the same, but the air was slightly rippling.

“Isn’t it possible to construct a structure for ghosts to hit the wall? Is it because of insufficient mental strength?”

Li Ang was a little disappointed, holding his breath and thinking about something simpler again.

Forks, spoons, pots and pans, textbook chairs, alarm clocks, TV sets, refrigerators, sewing machines…

Within a few minutes of effort, the living room was filled with all kinds of odds and ends. There was a layer of light smoke floating on the surface of these objects. It was a little distorted when looked closely, but it was absolutely no problem to bluff people from a distance.

“The snake comes from an empty basin, and an empty cup is used to take the wine. In this way, I am a qigong master, a magic boy?”

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