Zettainaru Kodokusha

Minoru Utsugi, a teenager who was living a peaceful (if boring) life with his sister-in-law, finds his life changed when extraterrestrial contact grants his dearest wish, leaving him with the power of “The Solitude.” But the ability to realize absolute isolation only plunges Minoru into a battle he never wanted to fight. As his old life comes to an end, he steps into a new role—as the “Isolator!”
Title: Zettainaru Kodokusha
Alternative name: –The Isolator, Zettainaru Isolator, 絶対ナル孤独者, 絶対ナル孤独者《アイソレータ》
Author: Kawahara Reki
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
Release: 2014
Page(Chapter): 5 Volumes
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