Three Lifes, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book (Eternal Love of Dream)

Queen of Qing Qiu, Bai Feng Jiu (Dilraba Dilmurat), is the only red nine-tailed fox in the world. One day, Feng Jui is attacked by a savage beast while seeking cultivation in the mountains and is saved by the first Emperor of Heaven, Dong Hua (Vengo Gao). Grateful and feeling indebted, Feng Jiu accompanies Dong Hua to vanquish the Demon Lord, Miao Luo.

As the two spend time together, Feng Jiu realizes her gratitude towards Dong Hua has slowly evolved into love. Unfortunately, Dong Hua has never experienced what love is. Although the coldest hearts can melt with time, will countless lifetimes be sufficient to bring these two hearts together?
Title: Three Lifes, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book (Eternal Love of Dream)
Alternative name:  三生三世枕上书
Author: Tang Qi Gong Zi
Genre: romance, novel
Release: N/A
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Categories: All Novel, Romance

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