Love Can’t Be Abandoned

Song Huanyu discovered the double betrayal of his fiance and his good friend on the eve of the wedding. Love is hard to give up, and it is hard to tell. She buys drunk to eliminate her sorrows, but in another time and space, she exchanges souls with the same sad and desperate person who drinks and seeks drunk-Dong Yujie, the daughter of a certain Dynasty Taifu… Xie Shenyan wanted to marry him boldly, but was rejected.

Xie Shenyan’s father was framed, and the official position was cut, and the Xie family was defeated. Because of love and hatred, Dong Yujie, who was unable to court, privately imprisoned Xie Shenyan in another hospital, insulting him in every possible way, causing him to be disabled. Drunk and awake, Dong Yujie has already become Song Huanyu. She feels pity and love for the bruised and bruised interrogation. She takes care of him carefully and asks for warmth, but the interrogation is indifferent to her. Love and hate are intertwined, but they are secretly sentimental, but their identities are very different and secular
Title: Love Can’t Be Abandoned
Alternative name:  爱莫能弃 – 清水慢文 , I can’t give up
Author: Qing Shui Man Wen
Genre: romance
Release: N/A
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Categories: All Novel, Romance

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