Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost

When he met for the first time, he was reborn as a lofty god of fire, and she was the ignorant grape trapped in the water mirror. After a hundred years of staying together, his love is deeply rooted, and she has been born with falling pills and abandoned love. Later, she was the daughter of the God of Water and the unmarried wife of his half-brother, Ye God. Even if he missed thousands of times, he still wanted to entangle their fate, not hesitating to offend the Mantian God and Buddha. But the most beloved, the one who promised life and death, pierced his heart, and was wiped out. But he still didn’t believe that she was so cruel, and before she was so cruel, he asked, “Have you ever loved me?” She replied, “Never.” What is love?

Years later, he condensed his soul to rebirth and fell into the magical way. She finally spit out the meteor pellet because of love, and finally knew what love was. But he said: “If you say another fallacy about loving me, I will kill you immediately! Say it once! Slash it once!” A fatal blow hit her on the banks of Wangchuan River in the battle between gods and demons… Hong
Chen Ten thousand feet, yellow spring and blue sky, meet like no one. The life and death bond is wide, if you don’t depend on each other, why bother with love.
Title: Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost (Ashes of Love)
Alternative name:  香蜜沉沉烬如霜
Author: Dian Xian (HE)
Genre: romance, Fiction
Release: 2018
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Categories: All Novel, Romance

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