Grand Dreams of Spring and Autumn

If Shih Tzu is a naturally dull girl, how will history be rewritten?
Fan Li and Wu Wangfucha, the famous Vietnamese generals, which side should she choose? It is Xiangbao’s life goal to eat, drink, play and make a lot of money, but fate makes her a joke. Fan Li said: “If you abandon Xiangbao in this life, you will definitely live alone and die alone.”

But this man who originally loved her lost his memory after falling into the valley, completely forgot her, and brought others back, saying that it was his beloved Woman. Not only that, Xiangbao had to bear the name of Xi Shi, bear the glory and responsibilities that did not belong to him, go to the enemy country, and prepare to stage a beauty trick… Wuyue struggles for hegemony, a conspiracy, a bloodbath. What did Xiangbao gain and lose from these entanglements?
Title: Grand Dreams of Spring and Autumn
Alternative name:  春秋大梦 , 美人劫 , Spring and Autumn Dream , Beauty Tribulation
Author: 梦三生 Meng San Sheng
Genre: romance
Release: N/A
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Categories: All Novel, Romance

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