Sugar difficult to prevent dark

I heard that Fu Shiyu, an architect who never accepts bids for projects below 10 billion, has recently been reduced to drawing designs for small guest houses?

The colleagues were surprised, thinking that the designer of Fu Da was forced to lose all his styles and the design collapsed. It wasn’t until they met the breathtakingly beautiful bed and breakfast partner, the barrister Tang Xien, who was called “a gentle knife” in the legal circles. The people eating melons said: The cool and abstinent designer Fu Da, this is dead by a gentle knife!


On the opening day of the hotel, Tang Xien and creative designer Fu Shiyu were interviewed by reporters.

Reporter: “I heard that Mr. Fu is designing for free this time. Are the rumors true?”
Fu Shiyu (face expressionless): “Not true! No comment!”
Reporter: “Does Attorney Tang have any secrets for Mr. Fu’s personal design?”
Tang Xien (with a calm face): “The secret? Let’s just talk about love.”
Title: Sugar difficult to prevent dark Author: Fei dumping
Alternative name: 暗糖难防
Author: Fei dumping
Genre: Modern Romance
Release: N/A
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