Rebirth Seventy: The genius doctor’s wife, keep spoiling!

Before the rebirth, Gu Qingyao wanted to marry him but did not dare to marry. After the rebirth, Gu Qingyao, with space materials in hand, was planning to marry him with a huge dowry grace all day. But I don’t know that someone who was also born again has been thinking secretly about how to abduct her home.
Mo Beihan was holding a bunch of things, and appeared in front of Gu Qingyao with a treacherous smile of a big bad wolf coaxing a little white rabbit, “Yaoyao, marry me! There is endless pocket money, the little one who can’t finish eating. Snacks, endless floral clothes!”
Gu Qingyao: “…”
She wanted to raise him into a little milk dog, but she didn’t expect that he spoiled her into a little wild cat!
Title: Rebirth Seventy: The genius doctor’s wife, keep spoiling!
Alternative name: 重生七零:神医娇妻,宠不停
Author: Xiao Anyang
Genre: Modern Romance
Release: N/A
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