Chapter 9 Little Lamb, Re-enter the Wolf

After 2 years, he ordered to find this little thing in Japan, and there was no news for 2 years; but he didn’t want to take the initiative to come to his company to work after 2 years? ! Oh, it seems that this is God’s will.

Two years ago, she ran away from his palm; two years later, he would never let this little lamb go again. He must’eat’ her so much that there are no bones left!

“What do you mean when you go to work on the first day? Can you make a mistake when you go to work on the first day? Tell me, who is your leader, I must…”

“I must praise you well with him.”

Seeing Yu Aotian’s reaction, Long Qi, who was interrupted, immediately became stupid. What happened to Aotian? His character should not allow such useless people to stay in Boyson, and his attitude is still so…good? !

“Sir, did you mean that I did not make a mistake?” Yaoyao raised her head and stared at Yu Aotian in front of her, her big watery eyes filled with excitement.

He smiled tenderly: “Well, that’s right. Do it well.” He reached out and patted her on the shoulder, turned and looked at Han Lishang and others: “It’s all here, let’s get off the elevator.”


When everyone got off the elevator, Long Qi looked at the sign on the 41st floor curiously: “Why did that flat chest send us to the 41st floor? What department is this?”

Not to mention that Long Qi is curious, others also want to know. At this time, Han Lishang said blankly: “The Public Relations Department!”

“Puff”, Long Ye, who had been silent all the time, suddenly covered his mouth and laughed.

“Long Ye, what are you laughing at?”

“Oh, oops. Haven’t you seen it yet? The little loli in the elevator just now must be the stupid girl who used Aotian as a cowherd 2 years ago. Now, she has sent Aotian to PR again… Department, puff, haha…”

The puzzle was revealed. This time Long Qi understood why Yu Aotian suddenly changed his temperament in the elevator just now: “It seems that Aotian will never be able to change the image of eating soft food in that girl’s heart.”

“Haha…” In the quiet corridor, there was a louder than louder laugh.

Look at Yu Aotian’s face at this time, it looks black like that one: “Long Qi, tell me all the high-level staff before leaving get off work, and they are not allowed to take this elevator off work today!”


“Besides…” He squinted his eyes coldly, and the corners of his lips flicked across a wicked arc: “As long as you see me getting on this elevator, immediately cut off the monitoring system inside.”

Wow, there seems to be a’good show’ to watch. Long Qi smiled expectantly and immediately made a gesture: “OK!”

Gradually arriving at the end of work point, the elevator has been parked on the first floor and stays motionless. Yaoyao looks at her watch from time to time: “Bosen leaves work at 5 o’clock, right? How come it’s 5:30 and no one uses the elevator? Could it be…all today? Do the high-levels have to work overtime? They work so hard…” Leaning on the elevator, he was bored in a daze.

At this moment, the elevator started. Yaoyao raised her head and glanced at the displayed number: “Floor 41?”

‘I must praise you well with him. ‘

‘Do it well…’

The man’s intoxicating tone, elegant temperament and handsome appearance resurfaced in her mind again. Thinking of the scene in the morning, she couldn’t help but blush.

I didn’t expect Boyson’s male public relations team to be so good, and they showed everyone’s demeanor during the conversation. I wonder if the people taking the elevator this time will be them again?

The elevator stopped steadily on the 41st floor, the moment the elevator door opened.

The figure of Yu Aotian was reflected in Yaoyao’s eyes, it was really him!

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