Chapter 8 Man, you are so familiar

Two years later, Bosen Group…

“Luo Yaoyao, you will be operating this elevator that is only allowed to be used by the company’s high-level staff in the future. There can be no negligence! Understand?”

“Yes, Manager Zhang.” Yaoyao, dressed in an elevator lady’s clothes, walked into the elevator and walked away her department manager with a smile.

After she finally completed high school in Japan, she found the elevator lady with a monthly salary of 5000 in the job newspaper as soon as she returned to China. For such a generous remuneration, Bosen, who is ranked number one in China, can afford it. Of course, the Feng Group, which goes hand in hand with him, is also very generous, but it is a pity…

She wouldn’t go to work for her ex-boyfriend’s company!

Two years ago, after they broke up, Feng Chenyi was recalled by his father to China to take over Feng’s enterprise. Since then, they have no intersection. This is just right, and I don’t have to see that sweethearted man feel hurt.

“Huh… this job is really not easy.” Although it is not very tiring, it is necessary to be vigorous and to keep in mind the appearance of every executive in the company in order to help them in the first time Press the floor you want to go to. This is undoubtedly a challenge for Yaoyao, who has never been good at remembering faces.

Look at the time…

“It’s past the work point, should no one be here?” She let out a long breath, her whole body soft, leaning on the iron wall of the elevator.

But at this moment… the’Ding Dong’ elevator started again. “It’s 10 o’clock, is there anyone else at work? Who could it be? How dare to be late so boldly?”

A Rolls-Royce Phantom slowly drove towards the door of Bosen Group, at which time there were two rows of people standing respectfully at the door. Seeing the car stopped, everyone lowered their heads slightly, holding their breaths, as if welcoming the arrival of some great man.

When the car door opened, a man in a suit and tie came down first. He carried a kingly domineering, and when he got out of the car, the surrounding air seemed to be thinned.

“President Yu.” Everyone greeted them neatly, bowing at 90°.

Yu Aotian’s face was expressionless, and he took a few of his subordinates and walked straight to the Bosen Hall, until he turned into the elevator, those who came out to greet him dare to raise their heads.

“Huh…Yu’s aura is always so strong. I was really scared to death just now.” Looking at the people around him, they all showed their approving eyes…

When the elevator arrived on the first floor, Yaoyao sneaked a glance at the four men and a woman waiting outside the elevator, and was shocked…

Why is there such a beautiful man in the world? That woman is also so beautiful. Especially the first man to get on the elevator, his aura is like the male protagonist. but……

Hiss…He looks so familiar, have you seen him somewhere? Forget it, leave him alone. Reaching out, just about to press the elevator button, Yaoyao’s face sank instantly.

It’s over…

In her memory, she seems to have never seen these people on the company’s organizational chart. What should I do? She didn’t want to be scolded when she only went to work on the first day.

A drop of sweat ran down her forehead, and her hand to press the elevator trembled. Hope, I guessed right!

“By the way, where are we going to be happy after get off work today?” As the elevator slowly rose, Long Qi, who couldn’t bear the loneliness, finally opened his mouth. He smirked and squeezed Yu Aotian beside him.


“You have always made up your mind about this kind of thing, how can you do it casually, is it heaven and earth? Or…”

The’Dingdong’ elevator stopped abruptly, and Long Qi, who was interrupted, couldn’t help frowning: “Why did you arrive so soon?”

Several people in the elevator looked up to the floor displayed by the elevator together…

On the 41st floor, why did the elevator stop on the 41st floor?

I saw that Yu Aotian’s face suddenly sank.

Long Qi shouted angrily: “Hey, Miss Elevator, why did the elevator stop on the 41st floor?”

Did you make a mistake? They are not on the 41st floor? Ruined! “I’m sorry…I’m sorry…Leaders. It’s my first day at work today, so I’m…I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She kept bowing and apologizing, turning her head.

At this moment, Yu Aotian’s handsome face instantly tightened, and a sharp light flashed across his deep eyes…

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