Chapter 5 She Don’t Dedication

Yu Aotian, the head of Japan’s No. 1 dark force Yulongsha, was famous throughout Japan, and no one dared to provoke him in politics or business. He stomped his foot for fear that the entire Japan would be earthquake.

His cruelty and domineering are not what most people can imagine. As long as anyone dares to offend him, the ultimate end is not death, but a little bit of torture to death by him. As for women, it is like a toy to him, thrown away immediately after playing; those with children are knocked out immediately, even so, there are still a large number of women who come to sacrifice like moths to the fire.

Now, is Luo Yaoyao also a person who came to’dedication’? Ha… Ha ha… How could she be so stupid to mistake this underworld emperor as a cowherd? Isn’t this digging your own grave?

Yu Aotian looked back at the incoming subordinates, his eyes darkened, and a stride rushed under his hand, and he slapped a slap in the face…

“Elder Yu…”

Without waiting for that subordinate to recover, Yu Aotian kicked again one after another…

Oh my god…

Yu, Yu Aotian treated her subordinates well…so cruel, Yaoyao was trembling uncontrollably by this scene.

I saw that his subordinate was kicked a few meters away, his body hit the wall heavily, and a dazzling blood stain slowly flowed from the corner of his mouth, but there was doubt in his eyes…

He didn’t understand why the boss was angry? Is it just because he interrupted the good deeds of the boss? However, it was clear that the boss would not get angry because of such things. “Yu, Boss Yu, please be merciful, be merciful!” The subordinate wailed in fear.

Yu Aotian was silent, grabbed the hair of his hand, and then pulled him out of the room.

At the moment he closed the door, his condensed eyes fell on Yaoyao who was already stunned on the bed, and his gloomy eyes were instantly covered by an inexplicable gloss…

Tenmei, Japan’s first institution…

“Look, look, isn’t that the student from China? Why are they so disgraced? It really embarrass them Chinese.”


Luo Yaoyao, who walked into the campus, listened to the sarcasm around her, and couldn’t help lowering her head in embarrassment. Although she knew that she was really embarrassing now, it was better than dead.

She, who was originally in the Cowherd’s shop, jumped out of the window and fled after Yu Aotian left. Who knows, the quilt wrapped around the body is hung on the balcony on the second floor.

I thought it was over, but fortunately, a good-hearted person passed by and gave her a coat so that she would not run naked back to school.

It’s a pity that the kind person walked so fast that she didn’t even see the appearance of her, and she didn’t have time to say thank you. Forget it, if you are destined, you will meet in the future, and then thank you again.

Step up and walk towards the girls’ dormitory.

“Yaoyao!” When Gong Xiaoman, who was waiting at the entrance of the girls’ dormitory, saw her back, he ran over quickly: “It’s all my fault, I have to take you to the Cowherd’s shop to vent, then…”

“Xiaoman, don’t feel guilty, I’m fine.” After cutting off Gong Xiaoman’s words, she managed to squeeze a sweet smile.

“Are you really okay? But the one who took you away was…”

“Yaojiang!” Before Gong Xiaoman could finish speaking, a Japanese female’s voice interrupted their conversation.

Yaoyao turned her head subconsciously…

I saw a man and a woman walking towards her not far away, arm in arm, laughing and laughing. In an instant, Yaoyao’s expression became cold, and her eyes were full of hatred…

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