Chapter 3 Small things, so sensitive

“Ah… so it is.”

Obviously feeling that the man was holding the back of her neck with some strength, Yaoyao suddenly felt hope came. It seemed that this cowherd was not a complete bad guy.

“That’s right…” The man’s eyes darkened, and a wicked smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “You see, what is your boyfriend doing with other women?”

Uh… can he really guess? “They are… here, here…” Still a little unspeakable, Yaoyao’s white face was gradually stained with red clouds.

at this time……


The man’s slender fingers are slowly sliding down her neck…

“Are they doing…what we are about to do?”

About to… want? What to do? The brain is in chaos, what is this cowboy talking about? Didn’t he mean to let him go?

“Hmm…” The fingers wandering on her back made her back numb, and the atmosphere of fear made her heart throb. “Big, big brother, why don’t you let me go, and also…” She obviously felt that his fingers were about to reach her throat, and she was so nervous that she was holding onto the sheet with her little hand. Dare to take a breath.

“You wicked little thing, I’m helping you take revenge on your boyfriend. You should thank me, right?”

“Get revenge together… my boyfriend?”

“Yes, how he treats you, we should give it back to him.” The man’s deep eyes flashed, and he slowly let go of the big hand holding her neck, his sturdy body pressed towards…

The hot breath that the man exhaled was a little numb and itchy at the base of her ears, which made her even more nervous: “No! No! Thank you for your kindness, big brother, I…I don’t want to retaliate against him like that.”

“Huh?” She called to him a satiated big brother. His “fire” had already been picked up. If it wasn’t for this little thing to be fun, how could he endure it for so long? “Little things, I’m tired of the games of big brother and little sister.” The man’s face sank.

Before she can react…

“Ah…” A bunch of cold things landed on her smooth back.

Looking at the empty red wine glass in the man’s hand, and the red wine slowly dripping from her back onto the sheets, the man seemed to be very satisfied with his masterpiece: “Hmm, I don’t know what this red wine will taste like this. What about the taste?” His eyes darkened, and he threw the wine glass in his hand.

“Pala” As the wine glass fell, the man lowered his head, with a dexterous tongue, wandering unscrupulously on her red-stained back, sometimes making blushing and heart-beating sucking sounds.

“No, don’t…Um.” She kept shaking her body, her small face became a little distorted with fear.

“Little thing, you are really sensitive, shaking so badly, you seem to be saying… Hurry up and continue playing with me, hurry up and continue playing with me.”

“No, no! It’s not like that.”

“Oh? How do you prove it to me?” Sexy lips were drawn to the knot on her back, and a wicked smile reached the corner of her mouth.

The button of the’Pata’ button opened as if it had been cursed.

“No!” Her heart tightened, Yaoyao moved her body subconsciously, but her butt was rubbing against the man intentionally or unintentionally…

“Well, little guy, I really wonder if you are pretending to be innocent with me. For a while, if I find that you are not a good place, I will ask my men to play you to death!” No woman can play tricks in front of him, if There is really such a bold woman, and there is only one final outcome, and that is…death!

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