Chapter 2 Come by yourself, or me

“Hey, where are you going? I gave the money, so you are not allowed to go!” Yaoyao was about to come forward to chase, but was held by two subordinates and dragged her to the second floor.

The second floor of this Cowherd shop is very quiet, and it is a place exclusively for guests and Cowherd.

“Let go, let me go, where are you taking me!?” Yaoyao’s roar echoed over and over on the second floor. The two escorts ignored her and threw her into a room at the end of the corridor. Glancing at each other one after another, shook his head helplessly: “This girl is over…”

In the room, Yaoyao looked around the gorgeous bedroom suite: “Here is it?” The twinkling eyes fixed on the wine rack not far away: “Ha, there is wine.” A stride rushed forward, picking up a bottle and opening it. I drank the red wine with big mouthfuls and mouthfuls…

“Is it delicious?”

“It’s delicious.” Huh? Is there someone in this room? Subconsciously looked at the back room of the suite… I saw a man holding a red wine glass standing in front of the French windows.

he is? Yaoyao stepped forward and took a look…

“It turned out to be you. Huh, how did you run away just now? Blame you, I was brought here by two bad guys, and they hurt me to death.”

“Hey, you are so tall, do you have 1.9 meters? Do you usually play basketball? Ha, your pectoral muscles are so strong.” She was taller than a man, and then slammed the man’s pectoral muscles.

“Heh.” Facing this, the man just smiled coldly, and took the opportunity to grab the bottle in her hand.

“Hey, what are you doing? Why are you stealing my things? Give it back! Give it back!” Yaoyao, who is only 1.5 meters in early, can’t reach the man’s raised hand even if she jumps up. This picture looks very cute .


Undress? Did she get it wrong? “You…what are you talking about?”

“Little thing, didn’t you just say that you were crazy today? I accompany you crazy, and… don’t charge you money.” The man smiled evilly, put the red wine in his hand on the bedside, turned around and sat on the bed for a moment , The expression on his face suddenly became extremely gloomy: “Do you take it off yourself, or I will help you!?”


The man’s overbearing command words made Yaoyao Jiujin woke up more than half, this…how the cowboy…why is so active?

When he was wondering, the man smiled again: “Oh, it seems that I need to help you take it off.” He threw her on the bed domineeringly like a chicken.

“Hey, I…” Just about to get up from the bed, the man held the back of his neck firmly and couldn’t move. It looked like a lamb to be slaughtered: “Wait…wait, I…I came here to play…for fun, no additional services are needed.”

“Huh?” The corner of the man’s sexy lips made a wicked smile: “Oh? So you don’t need extra services?”

“Yes, yes! No need, no need.”

“But… I need extra service!” After that, the man’s eyes darkened, and he stretched out his other free hand, and pulled hard…

With a’tear pull’, Yaoyao only felt a chill on her back, and a trace of evil thoughts invaded her mind.

“You…you…what do you want? Let me go! Let me go! I’m just a little girl, you let me go.”

“Oh? Little girl? You didn’t act like a little girl just now.”

Listening to the man’s mocking voice, she knew that all this was for herself, but…

“Big…Big brother, I actually came here to avenge my boyfriend. I saw him doing that with other girls, so when I got angry… I came here. Please let go Pass me.”

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