Chapter 18 Scars, is it a coincidence?

This villain was clearly seen through, but it turned out to be an excuse for him to continue his’assault’? Holding her hands subconsciously in front of her, she asked angrily: “Are you still not willing to give up?”

“Quit? Didn’t anyone tell you that once a man’s sex is provoked, it is difficult to end?” Especially in the face of such a new thing.

She pressed her on the desk, and the hand protecting her was forcibly broken away.

Feeling the scorching eyes of the man staring at her half-naked body, she felt an indescribable shame: “Don’t look, don’t look!”

“Huh? Little thing, don’t you tell me, just be seen, you will feel it?”

“That’s not it!” Turn your head away and try to avoid the strong sight of the man.

But at this moment, a strong torrent crossed the body, and the man was trying hard to tease…

“Uh, uh…no, don’t…” Yaoyao twisted her body uncontrollably, and the nightmare buried deep 2 years ago was slowly unfolding.

She didn’t want to, really didn’t want to remember what happened 2 years ago! “Are you sure you want to continue?!”

“Huh? Baby, can I think you are provoking me?” He smiled evilly.

Seeing this, Yaoyao’s face became cold, and she spit out three words viciously: “Yu Aotian!”

At this moment, Yu Aotian was stunned. He didn’t expect that this girl would suddenly call out her name. Didn’t she recognize herself? Could it be that this little thing has been pretending to be stupid, pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger? When hesitating.

Yaoyao pretended to be calm and smiled: “How? Are you scared? It seems that you have heard the name Yu Aotian? I tell you, he…he is my brother, if you dare to continue, be careful He killed your family!”


Seeing the man suddenly laughed, Yaoyao was a little dumbfounded.

You know, in Japan, let alone seeing Yu Aotian himself, even if he hears his name, he has to retreat by three points. Why does this man suddenly laugh? “I, I tell you, I’m not kidding. He is the boss of the Japanese underworld. If you want to kill you, you are like trampling on an ant, understand?”

It turned out that this girl remembered his name but forgot his face, hum, I really want to choke this little thing to death immediately! “Oh, you also said that he is the boss of the Japanese underworld, this is in China, then you can tell him to trample me to death!” After saying that, Yu Aotian squinted his eyes coldly, leaned down and slowly pressed against her past.

“No, no.” In a panic, her long hair covering her left shoulder slipped.

That ugly scar broke into his sight again…

The deep eyes gradually darkened, and the evil smile was suppressed by the coldness. It was precisely because of this scar that he looked for her for 2 years.

However, is this scar a coincidence or…

Turning around, he dropped the half-naked Yaoyao and quickly left the office.

“It’s over?” Long Ye standing outside the door asked with a smirk. But the gloom on Yu Aotian’s face was ignored.

“Long Ye, you immediately send someone to find me all the information about Luo Yaoyao, the more detailed the better!”

Er, when he heard this, Long Ye’s attitude immediately became serious. He has a hunch, it seems that something is about to break out. “Got it. I’ll check it now.”

He didn’t know her name 2 years ago, but now he finally knows it, and it can also find out the true source of the scar!

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