Chapter 17 No, don’t be like this

“Wait!” Fortunately, Yaoyao reacted quickly and held down his evil hand: “Aren’t we acting but why…”

“Yes, we are acting, but… the play should be made more realistic.” Evil Rin’s eyes flashed a sly, and the big hand drove straight in…

“Hmm…” The white little face was instantly stained with red clouds, and the little hand that was pressing on his hand also softened.

Taking this opportunity, the man’s hand successfully entered…

“Yeah!” A hint of coolness and fear invaded her body, obviously feeling the man’s evil fingers faintly making trouble, she twisted her body restlessly: “Take… take your hand out!”

“Hush. Baby, have you forgotten your mission? It seems that I didn’t work hard enough.” With a wicked smile, he just pulled her underwear lightly, she…

Without hindrance, he played with her even more presumptuously, slowly and slowly…

As if the slender fingers were electrified, they just fiddled a little: “Um…” Yaoyao’s body seemed to be struck by an electric current, tingling for a while, and the corners of her lips could not help but make a seductive voice.

“Huh? I really can’t see it, you turned out to be a little bitch, just playing like this, the cry will be like this. Then if…” Then, his other idle hand…

“No, don’t…” Being so humiliated by a man, Yaoyao’s eyes couldn’t help overflowing with tears, but her sensitive body really couldn’t resist the man’s provocation. “Enough, stop!”

“Do you really want to stop? Baby, but your body doesn’t mean to tell me to stop.” The playful words fell, and he slowly lifted her coat up: “Come on, take a look, how long you are I.”

Yaoyao closed her eyes in shame.

When the bad-hearted man saw this, he smiled evilly, and his hands were doing bad things at the same time…

“Um…ah…” At this moment, she just felt like an ant crawling over her body, and her body temperature suddenly increased.

Yu Aotian enjoyed watching: “Oh, shaking so badly? I really have a sensitive physique, I really want to know…I add the key to my hand, how strong will you react?”

The man’s hand slashed to her short skirt, his eyes widened, and he bit the corner of his lower lip hard: “No, no, don’t go on!”

Isn’t this meant for acting? But why has it gradually become real? The touch of the body and the temperature of the man are all so real. This… is not acting at all!

‘Long Ye, you shut up! Just say something! ‘Remember that they were trapped in the elevator for the first time, as if someone named Long Ye called him?

Long Ye…Manager Long…is it? !

Feeling the man’s hand gradually drawing into her skirt, Yaoyao stopped any resistance, and the panic in her small face was also suppressed by the cold: “You and Manager Long are in the same group, right?”

“Huh?” The motion on his hand was still.

“Even if you can’t complete the’task’, he won’t punish you, right?! Because you are friends!” Turning back, Shuiling’s eyes stared at the evil man behind him: “Asshole, what helped me, what was expelled, you He is a big liar at all!”

Oh, he really underestimated the IQ of this little thing. “Since you already know it, then I don’t need to act with you anymore.” After the words fell, Yu Aotian’s eyes flashed, and he just tugged Yaoyao’s shirt…

Suddenly, her white body was exposed to the air!

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