Chapter 16 Baby, That’s Right

She was held down as soon as she was about to escape. “Let go of me! Are all the people in your public relations department crazy? You ask a female colleague to serve you? Are you afraid that the president will know to fire you?”

“Baby, you need to know that we are male publicists, of course we need to practice some’techniques’ to please customers.”

He means? “The president acquiesced in your behavior? Huh! Losing Bosen is still known as the No. 1 company in China. It is basically a den, and your president is a badass of male thieves and female prostitutes! **!”

You know, she said that the boss, the badass president, is right in front of her. Yu Aotian’s face instantly became gloomy when the little guy pointed at his nose and cursed. “Little thing, I think we should go straight to the subject.” Leng squinted her eyes, strangled her neck, and put her on the desk.

“No, wait…will you let me go? I know, you, you are also involuntarily, how about we think of some other way to solve this matter?”

Looking at her shining and moving eyes full of expectation, Hook De and Aotian really wanted to destroy her immediately…! “Oh? What can I do?”

After thinking about it for a while, Yaoyao suddenly smiled and said, “Yes! We will stay here first, and then you will go out and tell your boss what we have already done, so that you will not be punished and I will not suffer. Isn’t it the best of both worlds?”

Oh, this little thing really has a way, but where is this world as pure and beautiful as she thought? “Well, it’s a good way.”

“Ha, that means you agree?”

“Agree but agree. But…”

“but what?”

Yu Aotian hooked his hand with a wicked smile, and he took the initiative to move his ears over…

But after listening to him, Yaoyao’s small face flushed from her cheeks to the bottom of her ears: “No, no, I can’t do it.”

“Oh, there is no way. Then I can only…reluctantly complete Manager Long’s task.”

Seeing the man reaching for her hand, she nodded in a flustered manner: “Wait, wait! I, I, I just listen to you!”

At this moment, Yu Aotian’s mouth couldn’t help but evoke a strange smile…

“Uh, uh…ah, ah…” In the office, a woman’s soft voice was heard from time to time, but the voice was awkward.

Yu Aotian, who was full of expectation, couldn’t listen anymore: “Baby, you can’t call it that way. Manager Long is a veteran in this field, he can definitely hear that we are lie to him.”

“What to do then, I have said, I can’t.”

If she could scream, it would be really troublesome. With Yu Aotian’s temper, what he didn’t eat 2 years ago was preempted by others. How could he swallow this breath? “Oh, it seems that only I can help you.”


Before she could finish the question, her body was trapped. Sitting on Yu Aotian’s legs like a puppet, his back leaned against his hot chest. “Well……”

The sensitive ear beads were kissed by the man’s tongue, and a tingling sensation spread across her body instantly: “No, no.” The man’s hot breath evenly blew her ear beads, as if he was aggravating her nerves. .

“Baby, your voice is right. Continue…” The tip of the tongue continued, but the hands that hugged her waist became restless, leaning into her shirt…

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