Chapter 15 Office, Struggle

Service section? Isn’t it her department?

Why do female staff in other departments serve the manager of the public relations department? Yaoyao was really confused by the conversation between the two.

“Service Department, the female staff there are basically around 30 years old. You know I only want women under 20 years old, are you making fun of me?” Long Ye yelled pretendingly.

Yu Aotian repeatedly apologized: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Manager Long, I will help you find a staff member under 20 years old.”

A woman under 20? serve? Shouldn’t they say…

With a twitch of heart, Yaoyao’s small face suddenly turned pale.

“I found Manager Long. The service department has just arrived with an elevator lady under 20. Her name is… Luo Yaoyao.”

No way? She’s not so unlucky, she just ran into this kind of thing the second day after work? Turning around subconsciously…

The two men in the elevator looked at her with evil smiles like hungry wolves hunting for food.

Okay, so terrible…

“Long, Manager Long, I’m just a new employee.”

The two men glanced at each other, and Long Ye stepped forward: “Ah, you are Luo Yaoyao. That’s right, I like little Lolita.”

Uh, is this her self-inflicted trap? “Manager Long, you consider changing someone. I don’t know what to serve.” Turning his head, he gave Yu Aotian a vicious look.

He shrugged and said that he was also innocent.

“Replacement?” Long Ye thought about it difficultly. “Hi… Indeed, if you take a closer look, you should change someone. You are too peaceful, I don’t like it.”

Phew… That’s great…

Although I was said to be somewhat unhappy in my heart, it was better than being caught. She almost fell to the ground.

But the next second…

“You!” Long Ye turned around and pointed to Yu Aotian not far away: “This female clerk named Luo Yaoyao will reward you today. If you are’unsure’, it will prove that you are not capable of doing things. , Get out of Bosen right now, understand?” Then, he pushed Yaoyao hard, and Yaoyao stumbled into Yu Aotian’s arms.

“Manager Long, your instructions like this make me very embarrassed. However, in order to work, I will work hard to complete the task.” After that, Yu Aotian’s mouth couldn’t help but evoke a wicked smile, and his big hand was tightly circled. Her small body was shaking slightly.

Oh my God, she didn’t mean to replace herself with a man.

What kind of company is Bosen? Why did he just escape from the tiger’s den and enter the wolf’s den again? I really want to die!

When the elevator reached the 41st floor, Long Ye exchanged glances with Yu Aotian and walked out of the elevator first…

“Let go of me! Let me go! Didn’t you promise me yesterday that you won’t harass me again?” Yaoyao, who was being forcibly pulled out of the elevator by Yu Aotian, continued to struggle.

He smiled helplessly: “Baby, you just saw it, and I can’t help myself.” Then, he hugged her to the manager of the public relations department like a child.

At this time, Long Ye had already’cleaned up’ the battlefield for him, and was standing in front of the office waiting for their presence: “I look forward to your performance.”

“Yes, Manager Long, I will never call you…disappointed!” When the words fell, the two men met at the same moment, and their lips curled up.

Yaoyao looked at Long Ye blankly like a doll: “Manager Long…” Holding the last glimmer of hope, waiting for him to change his attention.

It’s a pity that these two men sang and got together for so long, how could they easily change their plans?

Entering the office, Yu Aotian swept down everything on the table and placed Yaoyao on it.

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