Chapter 14 Today, you come to serve

“Oh, oh…” The woman worked harder, but Yu Aotian never felt it.

Sure enough, he still lost interest in this kind of woman who took the initiative to send it to the door:’Little things, what can I do? I want to eat you more and more quickly now. ‘

Thinking of this, Luo Yaoyao’s pear flower rainy little face came to his mind. Yu Aotian’s mouth couldn’t help but a smile of excitement evoked, and his steady breathing slowly became quicker, and his hands actively hugged the woman’s waist. Accelerate suddenly…

“Hmm.” A low growl…

After a while, the passion in the cabin gradually faded, Yu Aotian sorted out his clothes, took out a check and threw it on the woman.

The woman picked up this look: “200,000?”

“Oh, this 200,000 is to tell you what to do if you have my seed.”

Of course she understood and nodded repeatedly.

“Also, don’t show up in front of me in the future!”

“What? Brother Aotian no, no! Please don’t abandon me, Brother Aotian.”

The cold words fell, no matter how the woman begged, he opened the door and walked out of the hut without any softness.

Looking at the traitor again, he was already in a pool of blood. Yu Aotian seemed to have not seen it, and stepped on the traitor’s body ruthlessly and left this underground slaughterhouse full of blood and blood…

“Luo Yaoyao, I told you on your first day at work, don’t think that if you look a little bit beautiful, you might get coveted by the top. Just you, you are not qualified enough, understand?” Service In the manager’s office, Manager Zhang’s curse was overwhelmed.

“Manager Zhang, I don’t understand why you are saying that?” She was scolded early in the morning, and she must be uncomfortable in her heart. Adding to the incident yesterday, she felt that she was even more wronged.

“I don’t understand? Then I ask you to understand more.” A folder was dropped on her face: “You received two complaints yesterday. I told you that I want zero complaints! Complaint! Do you understand this time?”


But the question is, she was on the job the first day yesterday, and she didn’t have too much training. It is normal to receive complaints, and what does this have to do with her appearance?

“Oh, I have seen a lot of girls like you who are delusional to fly to the branches and become phoenixes, but this is Bosen, not a nightclub. You have chosen the wrong place if you want to hook up a man. If you have any more complaints, you will get out of here. Get out. !”

This manager is utterly unreasonable, but the more she wants to force herself to go, the more she has to do a good job to show the manager, she is not an elevator lady to become a phoenix in order to fly to a branch!

He suppressed his grievances and returned to work.

Seeing that the time was approaching 10 o’clock, she became uneasy. Is it almost time for the villain to work? I really don’t want to face him…

“Ding…” Sure enough, the elevator arrived on the first floor at 10 o’clock on time. The elevator door opened, and that handsome and evil face came into her eyes again…

Invisible, invisible, buried her head, she put on a blinding look; Yu Aotian also went into the elevator with Long Ye as if she didn’t know her.

This is the best way to avoid entanglement.

As the elevator doors closed, Yu Aotian glanced at Yaoyao’s back, and the corner of her mouth instantly evoked a wicked smile: “Manager Long, did the female clerk in the Logistics Department serve you satisfied yesterday?”

“Huh?” Long Ye froze for a moment, but he immediately reacted: “Satisfied, very satisfied.” His charming eyes rolled, and he raised his eyebrows with a smirk: “By the way, which department should I serve me today? Up?”

“It seems like it’s your turn today… the service section will serve you.”

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