Chapter 13 Basement, a wonderful movement

“Yu Boss.” In the gloomy hall, hundreds of people in black bowed at 90° after seeing Yu Aotian’s appearance.

This is the third basement of Bosen Group, another fortress of Yu Aotian.

In front of everyone, in China two years later, he is an elegant, cold, charming and domineering business giant; but when it comes to night, he returns to the Japanese emperor of the night who called the wind and the rain two years ago!

“Boss Yu, I will never betray the Yulongshe anymore. Please let me go, let me go.” The man kneeling on the ground kept kowtow.

Yu Aotian squinted his eyes coldly, took a knife from his hand, and squatted before the man with a wicked smile: “Come on, stick out your tongue.”

The secluded voice rippled in this dim hall, and everyone’s faces were covered with a layer of black gauze. The man kneeling on the ground was so scared that he almost fainted, and his body became wet.

Anyone who is on the road basically knows what Yu Aotian is. In the face of an enemy or a traitor, he never ends up with a single blow. He always asks them to die slowly in pain and get the greatest pleasure from it.

Some people have always commented that Yu Aotian’s methods are too cruel, but he thinks that this is what those betrayers and enemies deserve!

“Oh, it’s boring to pee on your pants before getting better. Long Qi!” Deep cold eyes glanced at Long Qi in the crowd: “He will leave it to you, whatever you want to play, but if he If you don’t scream, I will punish you.” After that, he threw the dagger out.

Long Qi steadily caught the dagger and smiled confidently: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you down!”

“Heh.” Yu Aotian walked slowly towards a small black room on the side of the hall.

At this time, a beautiful woman has been waiting there for a long time: “Brother Aotian.”

“Why are you here?” Yu Aotian sat on the sofa expressionlessly, watching the scene of Long Qi abusing the traitor in the hall intently through the frosted glass.

“Of course people miss you, Brother Aotian.” The woman groaned, nestling her head in his arms.

The deep eyes rolled: “It’s just right, I really need to go to the’fire’ now, know what to do?!”

“Uh, this, this is the first time for others.”

Listening to the woman’s charming voice, Yu Aotian’s face darkened, and he grabbed the woman’s long hair fiercely, and his gloomy face slowly came to her ear: “Do you think you are not here, would I want you? !”

This woman is very clear about his preferences, how can I ask, is there anything wrong with the woman who has used Yu Aotian? “Yes, I’m sorry Brother Aotian, I…I know what to do.” The woman endured the pain, shaking her hand to Yu Aotian’s collar.

But he was pushed aside: “Just come directly.” When he was in the elevator, he had already’warmed up’, and now he just wanted to vent immediately.

Seeing this, the woman tremblingly pulled his trouser chain apart…

Would it be dead if you just sit down? Straddling him, the woman never dared to sit down.

Yu Aotian was obviously impatient while waiting, and firmly grasped the woman’s shoulders and pressed down…

“Ah!” For an instant, the woman almost fainted.

But it didn’t take long for her to get used to this kind of knotty, slowly indulging in it, her cheeks were also covered with a layer of red clouds: “Oh…oh… Brother Aotian, I love you so much.”

The woman kissed him distractedly, only to get his ice-like response: “Fuck, you blocked me from watching the show.”

In the hall, Long Qi was cutting off the betrayer’s flesh piece by piece with a knife, and the man’s painful shouts spread throughout the hall, but Long Qi played more vigorously.

“Hmm, this Long Qi really lives up to my expectations.”

Outside the house, men kept groaning in pain; inside the house, women murmured with joy. The gap between heaven and earth became the most beautiful melody in the world, and Yu Aotian’s favorite’music’!

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