Chapter 12 Little things, don’t worry

Who knows, but he was easily caught by the man. “Heh.” A playful smile floated to the corner of his mouth, and he leisurely took out his phone from his pocket: “Hello?”


Listening to her crazy shouts, Yu Aotian smiled evilly, and shook his head helplessly: “Baby, people who can call me are all inferior people than me. You ask them for help, hope… …Do they join and play with you together?”

Yes, it is not necessarily a good thing to be able to call him. “Bah, shameless!” Yaoyao finally gave up her last hope for help, staring at him viciously.

“Aotian, what are you doing?” Long Ye’s voice came over the phone.

“I, I’m playing with the cat.” Yu Aotian really looked like a cat, scratching her chin playfully.

Where is Yaoyao willing to suffer? Opening the man’s big hand, he counterattacked: “Then you are a dog!”

“Puff. Aotian, it seems that you are still funny with a little wild cat, haven’t you been scratched?” Long Ye couldn’t help but laugh.

This time, Yu Aotian was obviously irritated. “Long Ye, shut up your mouth!” The gloomy eyes cast on Yaoyao, with a little effort, her whole body leaned back in his arms and covered her small mouth. “Just say something!”

“Uh, that’s it, the traitors of Yulongsha have been caught.”

“I see, I’ll deal with it in a while.” Quickly hung up the phone. He slowly let go of the hand covering her mouth.

After being relieved, Yaoyao quickly stood up and said, “Why, do you just block people’s mouths if you say nothing? Humph, I thought you were a good person, but I didn’t expect you to be a hooligan at all. You dare to work in the Bosen Group? Don’t you worry about losing your job like this?”

Listening to her endless curses, Yu Ao genius realized that this girl’s feelings were still a strong temperament who could speak well.

“Why don’t you speak anymore? Are you afraid? Since you know that you are afraid, don’t do such nasty things?! I tell you, today, I will treat myself as being bitten by a dog, if you…er… “The man slammed her neck, and she suddenly found it difficult to breathe.

You know, she has challenged his temper twice today, can this not irritate Yu Aotian, who has never been patient with women? “Little thing, if you want to continue what you just did, you can keep talking!”

With a gloomy face like a god of death, with a chilling low magic voice, she knew that this man was not joking, but…

“You don’t want me to…say yes. But you must promise me…in the future you won’t be allowed to do this kind of thing in the elevator… anymore. Don’t let other female colleagues…this kind of thing. I just take it. Nothing… ever happened.” Her neck was pinched and she couldn’t breathe, she could only intermittently talk about her conditions…

But the question is, who is she as Yu Aotian? Is the elevator pervert? Leng squinted her eyes and threw her away: “Okay, I promise you that I won’t do this to other female colleagues again.” Except you! When the words were over, he turned and walked to the closed elevator door, and only pulled it hard, and the elevator door opened.

Okay, so much strength…

The more Yaoyao thinks about it, the more she gets scared. What would happen if she didn’t call that phone just now? No one knows…

Yu Aotian walking out of the elevator obviously felt Yaoyao in the elevator let out a sigh of relief.

“Heh…” A wicked smile was provoked at the corner of his mouth, and he suddenly found that this little thing was getting more and more interesting. It would be a pity to’eat her’ all at once.

“Little thing, don’t worry, I will make you more and more nervous in the days to come.” When the words fell, his handsome face instantly cooled…

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