Chapter 11 Resistance, Lost Strength

This time, she can really hear it clearly, and then look at the man’s expression at this time…

It’s over… It’s over, he’s not a good husband at all, just a hungry wolf in an elegant coat. In such a confined space, he finally revealed his nature, right?

Yaoyao panicked and wanted to escape, but as soon as she got up she was held by Yu Aotian: “Baby, this is a closed space, where can you go?” She pulled hard and she followed Sitting face to face like a kite into Yu Aotian’s arms.

A lot of strength!

Looking at this flawless face up close, and the bewitching smell of cologne on the man, she couldn’t indulge in it, but her small body was trembling slightly because of fear.

“If you don’t speak, you agree? You really are an open girl.”

With a gloomy look and charming words, the way the man looked at this time Yaoyao always felt a little familiar but couldn’t remember where she had seen it. “No, I didn’t agree, don’t mess around!”

“Huh? That’s a really good response. Now… let me taste your taste.”

The man’s intoxicating voice echoed in his ears. Before she could react, the next second, she felt that a piece of lips was pressing on her lips domineeringly. “Well……”

The little hand touched the man’s fiery chest, trying hard to push him away, but it was so weak, the domineering kiss was hot as if to melt her.

Kissing this fragrant lips like ice cream, the man was not satisfied, and forcefully pried open her closed shell teeth, and invaded further…

“Uh, uh…” Yaoyao’s dilated pupils gradually overflowed with a hint of moisture with the intermittent voice of resistance.

Being constantly teased by men, the sweet and greasy taste seemed to fill the man’s entire mouth. The slightly trembling body and hard resistance not only could not interrupt the man’s aggressive desire, but aroused the man’s more powerful and domineering possessive desire.

Big hands become restless…

Yaoyao’s panicked eyes were once again covered with a layer of fear. This man clearly looks so elegant and noble, how can he do such a nasty thing so blatantly? The most important thing is that this is a company, is he not afraid of being fired?

A drop of tears fell down the corner of her eyes, and she couldn’t help twisting her petite body to resist the man’s invasion, but she was still succeeded by the man.

The big hand succeeded in slipping into the low end of her shirt. A hint of coldness came, and Yaoyao was agitated.

Do not……

No, she doesn’t want to re-feel the fearful memories she tried to suppress 2 years ago!

“Uh, uh…” The man swallowed all the voices seeking help, and arrived at the corner of his mouth, leaving only a seductive whimper, as if a little lamb was screaming’Bah, Bah, which aroused the man’s thinking more and more Bullying her impulse.

The big hand stroked her white and tender skin inch by inch, Yaoyao’s little heart seemed to be about to stagnate, and the hand that resisted the man’s hot chest gradually lost her strength…

At this time, Yu Aotian opened his eyes slightly, Xie Lin’s eyes were filled with disappointment. He really enjoys the feeling of this little sheep struggling in his arms. If she becomes a dead fish, he would rather play with those beauties who scratch their heads!


The phone rang suddenly, and Yaoyao’s whole body came to hope again but before she was struggling, Yu Aotian took the initiative to end the overbearing kiss.

“Huh, huh, huh…” He breathed heavily, “You are too much! Obscene!”

She waved her hand and hit his handsome face hard…

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