Chapter 1 Find a man to have fun

Japan is so drunk and obsessed, singing, dancing, and bustling everywhere.

In the corner of the lobby on the first floor of the Cowherd shop, Luo Yaoyao, who was drunk, glanced at the two handsome guys who accompanied her, and complained to her friends dissatisfied: “Little, Xiaoman, you also said that the Cowherd here is …Is the most handsome, well, so disappointing.”

“Hey, Xiaoman, we thought that your mother was our old customer before we got out to accompany her, but now she is not handsome enough to hold us, what do you mean?!” How can two cowboys stand being insulted like this?

Gong Xiaoman curled his lips helplessly: “I’m sorry, she can only be like this if she drinks too much. Sorry, sorry.”

Seeing her friend and two Cowboys whispering, Yaoyao’s blurred eyes wandered around: “Uh…” Finally she stopped at the entrance of Cowboys shop…

I saw that a man in a suit was slowly walking in, and his appearance immediately attracted the attention of all the female customers in the store.

Black and bright vertical hair, slanting sword eyebrows, slender and sharp black eyes dotted with seductive luster, thin and light lips, angular outline, slender tall but not rough body, just like the darkness The eagle, Leng Mei, is charming and arrogant, and the solitary independence exudes the strength of arrogance of the world.

Even the few good-looking men behind him looked so dim and dull under his powerful aura, no! It should be said that all the cowboys here have become bleak compared to his appearance and aura.

It’s him! Yaoyao stood up suddenly, raised her finger to the man not far away: “You stop me!”

As she exclaimed, the scene seemed to become quiet suddenly, and the two cowboys who accompanied her took a look…

“No…no? Xiaoman, is your friend crazy? How dare… dare to provoke that man?!”

“It’s normal. He is so handsome. I want to provoke and provoke.” Gong Xiaoman, who is still unknown, admired the handsome man not far away obsessively.

“Oh, you don’t know Xiaoman, he is…”

“Sister, are you calling me?” The man opened his mouth in a low voice, and gradually looked towards Luo Yaoyao’s eyes with a cold and charming luster.

“Yes.” Stumbled to him and nodded appreciatively: “Well, yes, you and you look like a cowboy. Come, come, I want you to accompany me.” The little hand tugged. With the tie around the man’s neck, he pulled him hard and walked toward his seat.

Seeing this, some of the men’s men almost raised their brows. But the man quietly stretched out his hand to signal that they would not be allowed to act rashly, and then the few men relaxed…

As the man took his seat, the other two cowboys hurriedly stood up, their legs trembling constantly.

“Cough.” The man gave a light cough and waved his hand. The two cowboys seemed to have received the order and quietly escorted away Gong Xiaoman who was committing a nympho.

Luo Yaoyao, who was addicted to alcohol, knew that her friend was no longer there, so she picked up the wine glass on the table: “Here, handsome guy, accompany… Drink with me…”

The man smirked, glanced at the cup she handed over, and raised Erlang’s legs leisurely. This scene is as funny as she is the accompaniment of the wine girl, he is a guest.

“Hey, handsome man, now the guests ask you to drink, why don’t you drink? Hurry up! Drink!”

“Huh?” Hearing her command, the man flashed his eyes and pinched her chin: “Sister, you’ve come here crazy as a child, be careful, play with fire!”

At this moment, the eerie and domineering look on the man’s face made the people present feel a sense of inexplicable suffocation, but where did Yaoyao, who was already intoxicated, notice these details?

“Hey, you hurt me! The truth… tell you the truth, I’m crazy today and want you to take care of it!?”

“Heh, interesting…” Released his hand, the man stood up, walked slowly to one of his men, and whispered: “Take her to my room.” A gloom flashed through his deep eyes, and he quickly disappeared. In the lobby on the first floor…

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