Cute Wife Donuts Chapter 33

After hearing Ou Mingxuan’s words, Xia Yuxun was stunned and looked at him incredulously, “Senior, didn’t you rush back overnight because of my nerve call last night?”

Ou Mingxuan stiffened, then snorted slightly. “Xia Yuxun, you are less narcissistic!”

Xia Yuxun breathed a sigh of relief and patted her chest, “Scare me. What a bastard, I was moved a little bit!”

Ou Mingxuan cursed in his heart. This idiot girl called him inexplicably last night, said something inexplicable, and after asking for a long time, she realized that it was for her damn Leng Sichen again.

He was angry, but he still couldn’t wait for a moment and rushed back overnight. There were no flights at that time, and he couldn’t wait, and finally used a private jet.

“Xia Yuxun!”

“What are you doing? I really hate calling me by first name and last name!” Xia Yuxun dissatisfied.

Ou Mingxuan poked her head fiercely, “Xia Yuxun, you really have nothing to do with it!”

Xia Yuxuan hid back and forth, “Talk and talk, don’t move! I just have nothing to do with it. up? ” “

I say you can give me strive for gas, your day but not cold Si Chen will die or what? you have complete today deserve it! the man pretty soon your pet heaven, and you deserve every day by his bullying! even If you want to chase a man, you can’t be smarter? If you really can’t, you should read “The Art of War” and “Thirty-Six Strategies”. Do you know what it means to get caught? Do you know how to advance or retreat!”

Ou Mingxuan changed his tone and continued, “When you treat a man, you must be hot and cold. If you leave, you must be gentle and considerate, but also domineering and mysterious, you must be active while passive, and passive while you are moving. The most inferior way to get a man’s heart is A thousand obedience, the more superior method is to leave, the most superior method is to ask but not to…”

Ou Mingxuan finally came to the conclusion, “Xia Yuxun, your idiot with only martial arts tricks will only use the most inferior method!”

After listening to Ou Mingxuan’s endless eloquence of “How to deal with men” thesis, Xia Yuxun Suddenly, his eyes glowed, and he looked at him with admiration on his face, just wishing to confess him to worship.

“Senior! You are so knowledgeable!” Xia Yuxun said flatly.

Ou Mingxuan snorted coldly, and said without humility, “You only know now?”

Xia Yuxun smiled, and then he kept asking, “That… Senior! Great God! In your opinion, you think the little girl should now What’s the

trick ?” Ou Mingxuan gave her a glance, he would teach her how to chase Leng Sichen?

Unless he is crazy!

“What good do I have?” Ou Mingxuan raised his eyebrows.

“Except for your body, it’s up to you.” Xia Yuxun said boldly.

“Accept your body, you want to be beautiful!” Ou Mingxuan’s mouth twitched, “The deal! I haven’t thought of the conditions for a while, I think I will tell you later!”

“Whatever! What should I do now?” Xia Yuxun hurriedly Asked.

Ou Mingxuan was contemplative, and then said, “The first thing you need to do is…Fucking don’t let me go around that guy Leng Sichen all day long!”

Xia Yuxun shrank and shrank his neck carefully when he shouted. He asked, “In your opinion, who should I turn around?”

Ou Mingxuan curled up his mouth evilly, “Me!”

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