Cute Wife Donuts Chapter 23

Leng Siche looked helplessly at the drunk and unconscious little girl, and finally had to take her back to where he lived.

As soon as Leng Siche returned to China, his family arranged for him a quiet villa. Leng Sichen also moved out of the main house a few years ago.

Back at home, Leng Siche carefully helped the girl onto the bed, then dragged a chair to sit down in front of the bed, looking greedily at her sleepiness.

This girl is also comfortable enough to sleep soundly.

I thought her sleeping posture should be as arrogant as her character, but she did not expect her to be like a sleepy little cat, curled up obediently, her cheeks flushed because of drunkenness, so cute.

Leng Siche took off her glasses, and this slight movement made her frowned in dissatisfaction, as if she was very disturbed.

He looked at these ordinary glasses carefully and found that there was nothing special about them, but she seemed to rely on them very much.

What a strange hobby.

She has been so strange since she was a child.

“Damn, it’s so hot…” Xia Yuxun’s slightly messy hair sticks to her cheeks wet, and she rolls restlessly, pulling at her neckline irritably.

She rolled her sportswear into a mess, the zipper slid to the middle, and the neckline reached her shoulders.

Leng Sche’s face inevitably turned red.

“Xiao Xun…” Leng Siche pushed her shoulders, trying to wake her up.

Someone is sleeping happily, and doesn’t mean to wake up at all.


Xia Yuxun directly covered his head with a pillow.

Leng Siche helped her up with a helpless expression, “Xiaoxun, wake up, don’t sleep like this, it will be uncomfortable. Will you take a bath first?”

“Don’t…” Xia Yuxun murmured and refused to cooperate. .

At the end of the toss, Leng Siche had to take her into the bathroom with a half embrace, first wipe her face with a cold towel to wake her up, and then exhorted, “I have put the hot water for you! After you finish washing, temporarily change into my shirt and put the clothes on the hanger.”

“Hmm…” Xia Yuxun sat on the toilet lid and rubbed her eyes dumbly.

“Wake up! Are you awake?” Leng Siche patted her cheek uneasy.

“Hmm!” Xia Yuxun nodded like a rattle.

“Really?” Leng Sche was still a little worried.

Xia Yuxun finally got a little annoyed by his question, opened her blurred eyes and looked at him, picked up his hand and put it to her lips.


bite down.

Leng Siche immediately whispered in pain, “You…”

Xia Yuxun smiled and touched his head, “It hurts! It’s true, you are not dreaming. Believe it!”

Someone finished drinking. Alcohol’s hobby of biting people has once again been brought into full play.

Leng Siche was simply defeated by her, looked at her dumbfoundingly, and then squeezed her cheek in puzzlement.

“It hurts…” Xia Yuxun frowned and shrank back, looking at him tearfully.

Looking at her misty eyes, Leng Siche couldn’t help getting closer and closer. When only a few centimeters were left, he suddenly stood up and his expression was a bit cramped, “Okay, just wake up. You can wash it quickly! It’s late, go to bed early after washing, and get up early to work tomorrow.”

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