Chapter 9 Today You Don’t Care About Me

Except for his scandalous fiancée, what else can it be for?

A few days ago, a woman suddenly came over and became an executive of the company. Everyone in the company speculated that this was the youngest grandmother of the Leng family.

Now Leng Sichen is getting along with this woman day and night, and she doesn’t even have the advantage of being close to the water.

What made her most nervous and frightened was that with her understanding of Leng Sichen, she knew at first sight that this woman was Leng Sichen’s ideal type.

The enemy is too strong, this time, she may be really bad luck!

Leng Sichen was startled, his complexion seemed softer, but he didn’t know what he thought of, and suddenly thunder and lightning began again, “Who were you with last night?”

Xia Yuxun’s eyes flashed, “I…I’m alone…”

Leng Si Chen tapped his fingers on the door rhythmically, “To tell the truth.”

Xia Yuxun swallowed and spit, “Really…really…really alone…ahhhhh…”

Tragedy, why stutter again Up!

Xia Yuxun was desperate for herself, so she drooped her head and answered honestly: “In the beginning, I was alone, and then a friend of mine passed by. Seeing that I was drunk and didn’t know where my house was, he sent me to the hotel. Stayed for one night.”

“A friend?” Leng Sichen grasped the point easily. If she just went to the bar to drink, she didn’t need to be nervous.

“Hmm…” Xia Yuxun replied vaguely, praying that he would not ask any more.

Unfortunately, things backfired.

“Man?” Leng Sichen asked again.

“Yes…” She bit her head and nodded.

“Ou Mingxuan.” Leng Sichen spit out a name in a completely affirmative tone.

As soon as the name came out, Xia Yuxun wailed in her heart. Does this guy know how to read minds?

Xia Yuxun gave up struggling completely, and confessed to be lenient: “I didn’t expect to meet him. This time it was a chance encounter. It was really a chance encounter! I don’t understand. Why do you always have a prejudice against him? The seniors are obviously very good… …”

Leng Sichen’s face sank immediately, “A good person? How long have you known him? Do you know who he is?”

“What does it have to do with how long I have known? What if I have known you for 20 years? It’s not that I can’t understand you! Twenty years of hard work, Tie Chu has been able to grind into powder, don’t you really feel at all for me? Even if you think I’m so cute for a moment! So cute! All right!”

Leng Sichen rubbed his eyebrows, and raised his head after a long while, his face was as cold as a stone, “When I came to the company for an interview, who kept saying that I should be fair and just, not public and private? Xia Yuxun, it should be. I have said that if you continue to bring personal feelings to work, you will immediately leave the company for me. I don’t need a subordinate who is both public and private.”

If she didn’t say that, how could he give her The opportunity to enter the company, but now he uses what he said to block himself.

Xia Yuxun was irritated by his words of indifference and alienation, and his eyes flushed, “Go and go! Leng Sichen, what’s so great about you! You don’t rely on me to like you! I tell you, today you don’t care about me. Tomorrow…”

“What about tomorrow?” The man’s estranged eyebrows were slightly raised, and his handsome face against the light was stained with cool ink.

Xia Yuxun’s throat choked and she wrapped a pack of tears. When she was about to blurt out her words, she turned abruptly, “Tomorrow… tomorrow will be sunny and cloudy, with a southerly wind, the temperature will be 10~15 degrees Celsius, keep warm…”

Leng Sichen : “…”

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