Chapter 9 forced entry

“Reluctantly Entrance. Shu Fenqian” Fu Chenshang frowned, his tone sounded rather distressed.

Dare to love him to take her to tonight for some toss, just to show her good looks, so that she won’t be able to speak up?

Song Anjiu suppressed his anger, “You don’t have to be so reluctant, thank you!”

“This is my responsibility.” Fu Chenshang replied solemnly, and then step by step, kissing and taking off her pajamas.

“Wait…Wait! Fu Chenshang, I’m not ready yet!” Song Anjiu pushed his chest with both hands, and finally couldn’t hold it up when things came.

The moment the big palm touched the skin on her waist, a shudder ran across her back. It was hard to imagine that under that appearance was such a body. The smooth and creamy touch was too amazing, more than all the women he had touched. .

At the beginning it was really just for doing, but now it’s the marrow that is obsessed with taste, his eyes are stained with lust, and his voice is dumb, “You don’t need to prepare, just leave it to me.”

Song Anjiu is sensitive . I had a layer of goose bumps. I didn’t want to fall out with him, but now I can’t care about so much. I punched it and quickly rolled to the side while he was avoiding it. Unexpectedly, I forgot that there was a hand on his waist. He was pulled back, so he bent his knees and twisted again. After the struggle was ineffective, he breathed and stopped moving, but took advantage of his disorientation and fell in love with him. In a moment, the two had already done dozens of moves.

In the end, Fu Chenshang held her firmly, looking at her angry and unwilling eyes like a little beast, with admiration on her face, “There are indeed two things, her head is very smart, her moves are very flexible, and her response is fast enough. However, today I want to To teach you one thing, in the face of absolutely powerful power, any technique is useless. All you can do is to make yourself stronger. Before that, it is best not to be too self-reliant.”

This is red- Naked-the threat of naked! Warned her not to fight back.

Song Anjiu couldn’t get rid of it, and protested, “This is unscientific! The book says that in this case, men should win women’s hearts with retreat as progress!”

“Retreat?” Fu Chenshang sneered, but he did not agree with it. Opposite action.

Song Anjiu suddenly grasped the bed sheet under him with both hands, his whole body was shaking with pain, “Asshole, you are definitely not the male lead, you are cannon fodder…”

Fu Chenshang felt a barrier in surprise, his voice excited and joyful. “Good girl.”

She was speechless, but she still kept choking, “Good girl!”


It’s really a small wild cat with sharp teeth, but it doesn’t matter, he has time. Tune slowly-teach.


Later, in the middle of the night, Song Anjiu woke up in a daze, and found that Fu Chenshang was not asleep and was looking at him with his head supported.

She half-opened her eyes and asked him in a vague voice, “If it were me in the daytime, would you do this to me?” I did

n’t know why, but she suddenly cared about this question.


“…” The answer was so simple, bastard!

Song Anjiu buried his head in the quilt depressed, feeling that his forehead across the quilt seemed to be touched by something.

“No matter which side, it’s you.”


“If an apple falls into the mud, would you just pick it up and eat it? It’s just that others don’t want it. I picked it up and washed it and ate it!”

“Wrong reason!”

However, it seems quite reasonable…

[Spoof small theater]

Er囧: Fu Chenshang, you bastard are too impatient? Leng Sichen only eats Xia Yuxun in chapter 167, and Gu Xingshen eats Gong Xiaoqiao in chapter 102. You’re better off. You can eat meat before the ten chapters! So I got stuck when I started writing! My mother said, I can’t write H! How do you make me write so that people can’t tell it is H!

Fu Chenshang: Mom, what you eat is yours! And, please be clear, compared to the premarital sex of your two other son-in-laws, I am the only one legal!

Er囧: Uh… Third son-in-law, I am embarrassed for you like this! As soon as you come here, you’re so heavy, you feed your readers, so what can I make of it!

Fu Chenshang: You can choose to let them eat well every day!

Er囧: Huh? It seems to make sense!

An Jiu: Your sister makes sense! Mom, you idiot!

Er囧: Daughter, can you be swollen like this, I am your mother!

An Jiu: It’s definitely not his own!

Er囧: I can’t teach this kid!

Fu Chenshang: Mom, leave it to me.

Er囧: Good, take it away! It hurts to see her!

An Jiu: I rely on! Curse your new article no one collects!

Fu Chenshang: I work hard every night.

Er囧: It’s really Wei Niang’s intimate little padded jacket.

An Jiu: Mom, wake up, mom! You obviously came to crusade him to make you get stuck! Why do you have to write more H in the end……

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