Chapter 8 was slammed

Xia Yuxun leaned back against the door panel in horror, turned her head in horror, and glanced at the arm resting on her ear, then twisted her stiff neck to a face covered with lightning and thunder…

Uh, Leng Sichen?

She was scared to death. Why didn’t this guy sit at the desk? Why was he standing scary behind the door suddenly?

But… is she slammed by the wall?

If it wasn’t for someone’s expression to be terrible, this coveted picture would make her deer ramming.

Now, it was the frightened deer that was really frightened… the

other party didn’t say a word, and concentrated on exuding the cold air, she had to cough lightly and actively said, “That…BOSS, what are you looking for me?”

“You are late. Three hours.” Leng Sichen’s voice was too cold.

“Um… It’s two hours and fifty-three minutes…” Someone defended it recklessly.

“Where did you go last night?” Leng Sichen glanced at her new clothes with an unkind expression. He hadn’t seen her wear them before, and the clothes of this brand were too expensive and could not have been bought by herself.

Xia Yuxun blinked her eyes quickly, her eyes wandering, “No… nowhere to go!”

Leng Sichen snorted, and got closer, “Then what is your guilty conscience?”

“I have a guilty conscience!” She struck her neck. refute.

“If you have a guilty conscience, you will stammer, avoid my sight, blink faster, and after being exposed, your fingers will habitually…” Leng Sichen said here, his eyes fell on her hand.

Xia Yuxun followed his gaze and let go of her fingers in a panic.

That’s enough, there is no privacy in front of this guy since childhood!

“I’ll ask you again, where did you go last night? Why didn’t you go home!” Leng Sichen asked again with suppressed anger.

The old house of Leng’s family is right next to her house. Leng Sichen works very hard and often reads and reads very late. During her countless sleepless nights, especially when her mother just died, she can see through the window every time. The warm and reassuring light in his room.

Later, although she had come out of the pain, he also moved out of the old house, but he became a nail in her heart.

It seems that Leng Sichen returned to the old house last night, how else would he know that she didn’t go home?

Xia Yuxun was a little irritated by his aggressive tone, and blurted out: “You care where I go, does this have anything to do with you? Who do you think you are, care so much…”

“Heh, who am I?” Leng Sichen chuckled, “Xia Yuxun, your bonus this month…”

Xia Yuxun instantly rushed to stop his words, “BOSS! Boss! President! I was wrong! I went to the bar last night because I was in a bad mood. , So I drank too much, but I did not affect my work. Next time…”

Leng Sichen interrupted her, “In a bad mood? Why is it in a bad mood?”

Xia Yuxun glanced at him, then lowered her head to her fingers. “After chasing you for twenty years, I haven’t been able to chase you. I’m going to let another woman abduct it when I see it. How can I be in a good mood…”a

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