Chapter 7 Weeding for you to eat

At this time, the door bell suddenly rang, and Xia Yuxun was shocked. After all, it would be troublesome to be hit by someone in such a place.

Ou Mingxuan calmly walked over to open the door, took the stuff from the waiter, and walked in.

“Clothes–” Xia Yuxun glanced at the women’s sports suit in Ou Mingxuan’s hand, and immediately flew over.

Halfway through the waistband of the pajamas, he felt limp and thought that there were still people in the house, so he stopped.

Ou Mingxuan put his chin on and looked at her, “Why don’t you continue?”

Xia Yuxun blushed, “Senior, can you be a good person? I will be a cow and horse in my next life, I must…”

“Okay, it’s up to you .” Pitiful demo!” Ou Mingxuan turned his body seldom cooperatively.

Xia Yuxun added that sentence in his heart: Senior, I will be a cow and a horse in the next life, I will pull the grass for you to eat!

Xia Yu Xun bolted to when the company has been late for a whole three hours.

There seems to be something wrong with the atmosphere in the company today, and everyone looks nervous as if facing an enemy.

She heard a crackling sound from the president’s office at the end of the corridor all the way, and then saw the usually vigorous marketing director walk out in disgrace, with soft legs when she came out.

“Xiaoxia! Xiaoxia, you are here! Come here!” Assistant Annie called her in a low voice excitedly.

Xia Yuxun hurriedly went to inquire about the situation, “Annie, what’s the matter? Director Wang…”

Annie glared at her, “You still have the heart to care about the life and death of others! Your life is almost lost!”

“Uh, no…Although I’m late, I remember that BOSS has no plans to travel this morning…” Xia Yuxun nervously pushed the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose that almost covered half of his face.

Her position is said to be a bodyguard, but it’s actually a follower. Except for when she travels, she doesn’t have anything to do with her. She is only deducted from her salary when she is late. Why is she lifeless?

Annie said in a bad mood: “Are you blind! Didn’t you see it after walking all the way? The big boss is in a very bad mood today, and he can spontaneously ignite if you don’t order it. Don’t blame me for not reminding you, Mr. Leng has been looking for you several times in the morning, and you’re probably horrible this time…”

Before finishing speaking, the internal phone on the desk rang, and Annie flew over for a second. She didn’t dare to delay and answered, “Yes…yes…she’s already here, okay!”

Annie hung up the phone and looked at her sympathetically, as if looking at a dead person, “Leng always called You go in.”

Xia Yuxun was chilled by Annie’s eyes. “The boss shouldn’t care about me for this little thing, right?”

“The limbs are well-developed, the mind is simple, and the ignorant is fearless!” On the other side of the seat, Qin said. Fei turned away from the chair, facing Xia Yuxun, sighed with a silent expression.

“You are ignorant!” Xia Yuxun hurriedly pushed Qin Feili around in the chair for a few laps, then walked to the president’s office without fear.

Qin Feili was turned around and almost vomited, “Savage woman! I wish you a good time!”

Xia Yuxun took a deep breath and walked over tremblingly, shaking his hands and knocking on the door twice.

Just stepping out here, I haven’t realized what happened. First, the arm tightened, and then the body was dragged in with a strong force, and then his back fell heavily on the door.

Finally, with a “click” sound, the office door was locked, and the atmosphere of danger came over the sky.

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