Chapter 7 cleaning

At home, leaving the house for a week is already a mess. The leftover takeaway boxes, drink bottles, changed socks…can be seen everywhere.

Fu Chenshang rubbed his eyebrows. Although he had guessed it a long time ago, he did not expect the “disaster situation” to be so serious. “It will be cleaned up within two hours.”

After that, she ran to take a shower. Looks like.

Song Anjiu lost her anger and stroked her chest. She did it by herself. She really should take care of it. However, that guy’s gesture of an uncle and commanding tone is tantamount to caressing her against the scales with a low hand. Let her involuntarily want to resist.

During the period, Fu Chenshang walked around the house after taking a shower, wiping his hair, pointing fingers and feet from time to time, using disinfectant blisters for rags, and wiping the floor at least three times, not even a single strand of hair, snacks, The cosmetics were thrown away, so that she squeezed her fists.

Repeatedly remind yourself not to be agitated, not to get angry. In this case, you must be calm. He doesn’t understand this person at all, and he doesn’t believe that he has no weaknesses.

There was something more excessive in the back. The guy did not know where to find an idiot apron with a HelloKitty pattern, and fastened it for her while she shunned her eyes, “Don’t get yourself dirty.”

Song Anjiu finally couldn’t bear it and reached out. “Don’t wear something like that for me anymore!”

Miss Song’s style is sturdy, she is known to be more men than men.

Fu Chenshang chuckled, took the apron that was thrown on the ground unhurriedly, shook it, and put it on her again, “Do you really consider yourself a man?”

Song Anjiu continued, Fu Chenshang took advantage of the situation. Hugging her from the front, locking her hands behind her, “I don’t care what you were before, what kind of person you are, from the moment you married me, I will take over your future life.”

Song Anjiu was particularly disgusted with his intimate contact, and even more disgusted with being threatened and unable to resist.

He just met, why can he hug her so naturally, and why should he say such things as taking over her life!

“Fu Chenshang, why on earth did you marry me?” Song Anjiu sighed, a little weak.

“I think it was very clear when I proposed.” Fu Chenshang looked unpredictable.

“Love at first sight?” Song Anjiu asked with a smile.

This reason is too absurd. You know, at that time she had just returned from a racing car, fell and was covered in blood and ashes, and she was completely invisible in her dress. When he said the reason for marrying her in front of everyone, not only her, but everyone’s jaws were shocked.

“Are you sure you are not gay, because you can’t marry a man, that’s why you married me?” This is the only possibility after thinking about it.

Fu Chenshang glanced at her calmly, “Even if I look for a man, I won’t look for you like this.”

“…” You are ruthless.


Finally, after finishing cleaning up and down, Song Anjiu was too tired to straighten up his waist.

After taking a shower, I walked to the bedroom door and saw that Fu Chenshang was still asleep, leaning against the bed in light gray pajamas, wearing glasses, and a book in his hand.

Song Anjiu was stunned. It was over. It was just realized that she was married. Didn’t she want to sleep in the same bed with him?

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