Chapter 6 Mo Fei

An Ran knew that once Mo Fei was back, they would meet sooner or later. She just didn’t think that this moment would come this soon, this suddenly. Even though she assured Lin Li earlier that she was fine, that she was letting go of herself, that the next time she encounters that man might be easier. But in the end, she is still confused. Looking at the man in front of her, she is confused to her wit’s end.

An Ran looks at the Mo Fei standing in front of her. His face hasn’t changed that much, still as dashing and handsome as before. But the air around him has changed a lot. The youthful, sunny man-child of before, has matured, has become steady. And his eyes have become much deeper, she doesn’t understand why.

An Ran’s mind knows that she should pretend to not recognize, remain indifferent and expressionless as she passes him by, and avoid catching a glance of him. But her limbs don’t seem to be listening to her brain, her two legs are getting prickled from the ground. She tried to move, but was unable to. Her eyes slowly creep up to look at him. Apparently it takes 6 years for him to completely change.

Mo Fei looks at her, tightening his lips, tightly gripping the both of his hands, as if he was holding something in. She’s changed. He can’t pinpoint what about her that has changed, but in any case, something is different. The An Ran now is no longer the one that used to rely on him, the An Ran that used to laugh happily.

Jiang city isn’t a big city; finding a person, in the case of finding him 6 years ago, was nearly impossible. But regarding the present him, it was just a matter of words, simple as that. It didn’t even take half a day to get an answer.

Mo Fei slowly walks forward, stopping in front of her, and out of his mouth, was “An Ran!” These two words, for 6 years he’s been calling it out in his mind, but there was no chance of letting it out.

An Ran’s spirit returns, with difficulty. After all that was said and done, she was unable to meet him calmly. She turns around, getting ready to leave.

“An Ran.” Seeing that she was leaving, Mo Fei took a step forward, grabs a hold of her hand, and asks, “You.. Has life been treating you well?”

An Ran closes her eyes in anguish. The corners of her mouth form a smile, she turns her head to look at him, sneers, and asks, “Well? What does it have to do with you?”

Mo Fei tightly purses his lips, looks at her for a while, finally saying, “I’m sorry…” This apology, he’s late by 6 years. It’s also been pending for 6 years!

Her heart throbbed, to look at his outright back like that time, her dear heart seemed like it was being ripped apart.

She forces her raised head to stop the threatening tears. She’s not strong at all, but she refuses to look weak in front of him, because he isn’t the man she can rely on anymore, because his hands are stretched out to another woman, a woman that can give him everything he wants.

Opening her eyes, An Ran’s expression has already become cold. She nods, and answers, “I accept your apology.” Then she sees that her hand has been grabbed, and coldly says, “Mr. Mo, can you let go of my hands now? I don’t want others to misunderstand!”

Mo Fei angrily lets go, looks at her, and asks, “These past few years, have you been well?”

An Ran rolls her hand, her eyes burning, her line of sight becoming fuzzy. This moment is indescribable to her; she wants to cry. Her heart has been wronged and pained for 6 long years, and all it amounted to were these few words, “These past few years, have been well?” Hilarious, just hilarious.

She resolutely sucks her tears back in, returns to life, nods her head, and answers, “Yes, I’ve been well.” Her pride and ego will not show weakness.

Mo Fei nods, not saying another word; just looking at her. He can’t let go—even if he has a wife, he can’t let Gu An Ran go. For these past 6 years, she is the woman that he has cared deeply for, the woman that the former him had promised everything beautiful in life. So coming back this time, even though he knew that it was not possible, he still thinks of seeing her again, he wants to see if she has been well.

The two face each other as so, for how long they did not know. An Ran initiates and turns to leave, wearing a smile, but the next second, tears roll off from the rim of her eyes, falling down her cheek……

Mo Fei watches her back, watching her disappear into the street. He can only stay in place, can only watch her. Many times, he thought of stepping forward to hug her, but he knows that he has lost the right to hug her.

An Ran doesn’t know how she got home herself, her whole person was listless. She only remembered that when she got home, Lin Xiao Fen was coincidentally making dinner, whatever she had said to her, An Ran didn’t answer back. She just headed straight into her room, locking herself inside. When Gu Heng Wen returned, he knocked on the door and called her out. She also just lifelessly tells him that she was okay, not bothering to open the door.

When she came out the day after, she was back to normal, as if nothing had happened. But Lin Xiao Fen did not miss the eye cream and concealer that she used to cover up her swollen eyes. However, she did not press on the matter. In fact, yesterday, she had already called Lin Li. After hearing her state, Lin Li stayed silent for a long time. She only said one sentence: Mo Fei is back.

Just before leaving, An Ran reminds her mother that tonight’s table has been reserved for 6:30 pm, she’ll go their directly after work. Lin Xiao Fen, still worried about her state of mind, said, “Ran Ran, why don’t we come home and eat instead. What do you want to eat? Mom will make it for you.”

An Ran smiles and gives her mom a hug, “You’re the birthday girl today, whatever you want to make let dad and I do it, how can I let you do it yourself. But dad and I probably won’t be able to do it, that’s why we’re going out to eat.”

“Mom doesn’t want much else, so long as we as a family are happily together, that’s enough.” Lin Xiao Fen looks at her, and reaches to brush off the strand of hair dangling down in front of her forehead.

“Mom, it’s just once a year.” An Ran kisses her mom, and whispers a ‘Happy birthday’ into her ears, then she grabs her bag and turns to leave.

Lin Xiao Fen watches her back disappear out the door, and quietly lets out a sigh.

Today was a bit busy for An Ran, since the morning she had to visit two sites. Furthermore, she still has to find the time to buy her mother a present, and, more importantly, Lin Li booked this noon to have her and this so-called high-quality man go on a blind date!

Having a blind date at noon actually isn’t that strange, but having it on a work day’s lunch break—now that’s strange.

Actually, Lin Li had originally set up the meeting time to be on Wednesday evening, however on that day An Ran had to work overtime to catch up on a design—there really was no way to set aside that time. She wanted to prolong it to Thursday, but as luck would have it, Lin Li’s so-called high-quality-lady-killer already had plans on Thursday. Without any better option to drop, Friday evening it is, as there is nothing that can be done. But this is China, and China has an old saying—‘The road to happiness is strewn with setbacks’; how fitting this situation is to the saying, since this Friday is Lin Xiao Fen’s birthday. She had already reserved a table at a restaurant the week before, prepared for the entire family to go out and eat, for a celebration. Going through this, the two parties (her and the blind date) actually did not say anything, but Lin Li was absolutely vexed. She directly took charge and said noon, so as to avoid both prolonging it and any time conflicts the other party may have in the future.

At first Lin Li and Cheng Xiang were going to come as well, but Lin Li suddenly had a stomachache, so the two rushed to the hospital; thinking of the child, one would not dare to be careless.

An Ran had specially set off half an hour prior to leave, thinking that she can arrive earlier; she didn’t expect that the man had already arrived. From afar, An Ran can only see his back, the man sat straight on his seat, talking on his cell phone.

An Ran pulled on her shirt, and took a deep breath. She already thought this through, these so-called feelings hurt people too much. Really, at this age, to go on a blind date is surely not just to find romance anymore, but to find a partner to spend the rest of their life with. The goal is clear.

Thinking clearly, An Ran finally advances to her date, and sits opposite him. She raises her head, thinking of starting to speak, but she can’t help but be surprised. She recognizes this man. Isn’t he the one from that evening where she called out, ‘Help’ on the street?

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