Chapter 6 It is old and disrespectful

“If you continue to disobey me, I don’t mind sending you back to the Song family, or the Liang family?”

Song Anjiu was shaking with anger and couldn’t say anything. Shu Dikeng

“Last time I walked too quickly , I didn’t have time to take care of you! Now, let’s take your time!” Fu Chenshang sat on the sofa aside, took a newspaper and read it leisurely.

“Help her dye.”

“Remove makeup.”

“Basic skin care is


“Change clothes.” “That pink set.”

“Flat bottom.”

“Um…pink too.”


sentence one by one Instructed, Tina and the assistants were so busy, Song Anjiu was at the mercy of people like a puppet, but his eyes stared at him bitterly.

“Mr. Fu, it’s okay.” Tina looked at the modified Song Anjiu with satisfaction, her eyes full of deep admiration for Fu Chenshang.

You have to look so harsh to see that this is a piece of jade! The girl now looks like a very well-behaved doll. Big eyes, small mouth, high nose bridge, lip color is superb cherry blossom powder, the eyebrow spacing is very high, so it looks very childish. He is not tall, but he is protruding forward, and his legs are straight and slender, with perfect proportions. It’s just that the skin is a bit poor due to long-term makeup. She can recover with a little care at this age. You can see that the skin on her neck can hardly see the pores. A little touch will leave traces, which can be broken by a natural blow. This gene, at least three generations of celebrities in the family.

Compared to the amazingness of others, Song Anjiu almost didn’t overturn the dressing table when he looked at his head-to-toe pink lady’s dress and the same pink bow in his hair in the mirror.

Noting the fleeting consternation in Fu Chenshang’s eyes and squinting her gaze unkindly, she shuddered, “What do you want?” The

next moment, his hand stretched over and pinched her ear. .

Song Anjiu was covered his ears like a cat stepping on his tail and jumped out a long way, almost knocking down a row of clothes hangers, his face flushed.

The reaction seemed too big.

Fu Chenshang raised his eyebrows and glanced at her, “More sensitive?”

Song Anjiu glared at him! For the old and disrespectful! Sex* mad!

“Come here.”

“But come!”

“Don’t let me say the second time.”

“No! Come on! Come!” She just wanted to say, her eyes bursting with fire.

Fu Chenshang didn’t get angry and laughed, it seemed that he was funny because no one had resisted him like this.

She stretched out her long hand and shackled her in front of her unable to move.

She has a pierced ear in her right ear and seven pierced pierces in her left ear. His face looks like frost, one by one, he has taken off all the cheap and exaggerated studs from her ears.

Song Anjiu felt like she was stripped naked from top to bottom, her protective shell, her protective color, everything.

Her bewildered and insecure appearance made Fu Chenshang a little distressed, and she relaxed and hugged her into his arms.

“What are you afraid of?”

“I’m afraid your sister! Who’s Afraid of?”

Fu-chen business chuckle, “my future marriage for a month, just your summer vacation, want to go?”

“Summer school to make up classes!”

“Ah, I will stay with you at home.”

Toss her at home!

“No.” She didn’t want to peel off another layer of skin, not to mention that she hated being supervised. This man is definitely not good! The good feelings that I had just started to relieve myself are now gone.

“Do you want Liang Jiajia to be grateful for the misfortune I left you as soon as I got married?”

“I don’t care!”

“Don’t care?” Fu Chen’s business face was sinking.

“I hope you leave me alone!” Song Anjiu, who was expecting not to look at people’s expressions at all, could compromise.

” Okay ! I’m going to have an extramarital affair!” Fu Chenshang adjusted his cuffs, “With your sister.”

“Come back!!!”


“I’m obedient.” Song Anjiu did not begin.


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