Chapter 6 is dead

Xia Yuxun looked at Ou Mingxuan, who was suddenly silent, thinking that he wouldn’t have to think of any vicious ways to fix himself, right?

“Yu Xun, take me to see your father when you have time, so that you can make up for it!”

“Wh…what? See my dad?” Xia Yuxun almost screamed.

They obviously didn’t do anything, why should they see their parents? Why why?

If his father knew about this, he wouldn’t break her leg!

And Si Chen, wouldn’t they be even more impossible?

“Senior, please spare me! I won’t dare anymore next time!” Xia Yuxun wailed in tears.

Instead of begging for mercy with dad, it is better to beg for mercy with the senior now.

“Where did you think of it!” Ou Mingxuan laughed, then uncharacteristically, said seriously, “I just want to learn a little martial arts from my father.”

“Ah?” Xia Yuxun was stunned. “Why suddenly want to learn this? You don’t. Are you busy flying around, traveling around the mountains and playing water?”

“Who said I’m flying around to enjoy the mountains and water? Can’t I just do it for work?” Ou Mingxuan twitched his mouth.

After graduating, he had just taken over the family company. With so many things to do, he was so busy that he was about to vomit blood. She actually thought he was traveling!

“How could it be…” Xia Yuxun muttered weakly.

She didn’t know Ou Mingxuan’s family background at all, only that the geographical location displayed on his QQ was clearly changed every day like Xiao Mata.

Because she is always a non-mainstream decadent romanticism, Ou Mingxuan, who is not doing business all day, sitting in a busy office with a bright and clean suit and leather collar is more difficult than asking her to imagine herself in a lady’s dress.

Saying that he is a rogue artist who travels around the world by performing arts everywhere, she would almost believe it…

If Ou Mingxuan knew what she was thinking, she would have vomited blood for three thousand feet.

Seeing Ou Mingxuan’s expression on his face, Xia Yuxun hurriedly skipped the topic and said, “My dad doesn’t accept people casually!”

After speaking, he looked up and down critically, and then found that…In fact, the figure is really good.

Ou Mingxuan smiled, “I know, you said that now you have to go through three stages and six generals to apprentice in the Jingwu

Hall .” Xia Yuxun has a beautiful face, “Of course! My dad is now on the bar with Juying Taekwondo Gym. I am preparing to recruit a few talented disciples to train. However, after all, a martial arts genius like me is rare in a century, and it is not easy to find another one.”

“I have never seen a girl’s home. I am proud to fight!” Ou Mingxuan looked at her with a headache.

Xia Yuxun glanced at Ou Mingxuan contemptuously, “You don’t understand a man like you, you all like that kind of gentle, virtuous, and charming woman! It’s so superficial!”

Ou Mingxuan touched his chin, “It’s also…not at all… …”

“Ah? What did you just say?”

“Nothing! Do you want to introduce me?”

“It helped! When are you going to go?”

“This Friday, when you get off work, I will go to you The company will pick you up.”

“Okay!” Xia Yuxun rubbed her tousled hair, and suddenly felt something was wrong.

A few seconds later, she excitedly grabbed Ou Mingxuan by the collar, “Senior, what day is it today? What time is it?”

Ou Mingxuan said quietly, “No need to ask, you are already late.”

Xia Yuxun screamed. Then he rushed into the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face.

Two minutes later, she rushed out likewise, “Senior, where’s my clothes?”

Ou Mingxuan sat leisurely on the sofa, letting her lean over and grab her collar, and said unhurriedly: “You are going to wear yesterday That pile of red cloth at night?”

Xia Yuxun’s eyes rolled white, “I’m dead…”

Thinking of Leng Sichen’s sharp and cold contempt for impatient and extremely complicated eyes, Xia Yuxun wanted to directly retract her mother’s stomach.

She was not afraid of Xia Yuxun, but Leng Sichen could scare her whole body with a single look.

Hey, ask what love in the world is, but one thing drops one thing…

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