Chapter 5 You Are My Wife

Open the car door and put her in the co-pilot. Shu Yikeng

“Is you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

“Whatever… I’m sorry to trouble you when I first met, thank you for your help.”

“No thanks, you are my wife.”

He did not expect him to be like this. Answered, Song Anjiu’s heart jumped.

wife? She still has no real feelings! At that time,

he was just impulsive and angry, and never thought of anything else… He didn’t ask anything, and didn’t ask why she didn’t explain at first, it seemed that he had seen her through and understood everything.

Afterwards, Fu Chenshang unscrupulously took her to the most advanced restaurant in City A. If she hadn’t looked at Fu Chenshang’s pass-like face, she would have been blasted away a hundred times by standing at the door.

After dinner, Fu Chenshang took her to a modeling club.

Seeing him looking at his hair, Song Anjiu hurriedly said, “My hair has just been cut, so I don’t need to fix it.”

“Go in!” He

was taken in. He just received favor from him. Song Anjiu couldn’t refuse. Follow him in, don’t know what he wants to do.

A stylist who knew each other as soon as he came in greeted him.

“Mr. Fu, why are you free today…” Before he finished speaking, he saw Song Anjiu behind him, so surprised that he could lay an egg in his mouth, but his good professionalism quickly recovered his senses.” This is?”

Fu Chenshang did not answer, “arrange for a female stylist to come over.”

“Please wait a moment.”

Soon a woman came over, “Hello, this is Tina! What is Mr. Fu’s order?”

“Can this color be washed off?” Fu Chenshang asked. Putting the big palm on Song Anjiu’s hair, he rubbed it twice, seemingly dissatisfied.

Tina asked


“I can’t wash it off, I can only dye it.” “Then dye it black.” “I don’t want it!” Song Anjiu immediately refused when he heard the words, but was unable to move while being held down by a pair of big hands.

“A student should be like a student!”

“You don’t need to care about what I look like!”

Sure enough, he is no different from others! Song Anjiu immediately entered a state of alert.

The stylist was so frightened that she was silent, she had never seen anyone dared to talk to Fu Chenshang like this! Who is this woman who is full of country heavy metal, who kills Matt non-mainstream, washes and cuts exaggerated hairstyles?

“An Jiu!” Fu Chen Shang frowned.

“If you can’t bear it, don’t watch it! Who will let you watch it!”

“Song Anjiu!” A single meal showed the master’s strong dissatisfaction at the moment.

She became more and more excited, “Who do you think you are! Why do you point fingers at me! You…” The

next second, the air was silent, and Song Anjiu’s lips were sealed.

He bit her lips with a bit of strength, and then, with a warning, pinched her chin and looked at the small face covered by heavy makeup, “Who do you think I am? Song Anjiu, you seem I haven’t recognized my identity yet! “

Ah! All the peeking stylist’s glass hearts are broken!

Will that cheap lipstick with weird color be poisonous? When did Nima Fuchenshang’s taste become like this again! It’s too heavy, Nima! You can kiss this face! Worship! How can this group of them in the fashion world still mix up!

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