Chapter 4 Reversal

It was shocked by the aura of the incoming people, and it took a long time for the people in the house to recover. Shu larva Xiao Du

, “Who are you?” Screamed Mrs. Xue.

“Song Anjiu’s guardian.” He didn’t reveal his true identity. After all, she is still a student, so speaking out would not affect her very well.

“You came just right! How did your Song family educate your children.”

Fu Chenshang ignored the clamor of the woman opposite, only leaned slightly and asked the person in his arms, “An Jiu, why hit someone?”

“…” she I don’t want to say, because no one will believe it, no one will believe her.

“Answer.” He said hard.

“It’s just a fight, what else can I ask?” Madam Xue interrupted, and she wanted to say something later, but was forced back by Fu Chenshang’s gaze.

“Speak.” Fu Chenshang urged.

“…He bullied me first.” Song Anjiu finally said.

Mrs. Xue jumped out excitedly, “What’s the kidding? Only you bully others, who can bully you? Besides, it is our Haohao who is injured! Don’t frame people!”

Fu Chenshang remained silent, and continued to ask, “Where is it? ? ” “

school parking lot. “

Fu Chen this satisfied business looked up to see the person in charge,” parking lot surveillance, surveillance video of the day! “

His words stunned everyone, including Song An Jiu himself.

Not only was she indiscriminately qualitative by others, even she herself had long been used to it, so she never thought of proving her innocence.

“It seems that I am not mistaken. You have convicted people without knowing the cause and effect. If things are true as my family Anjiu said, I hope the school will apologize publicly to the whole school!”

My family Anjiu…The

four words make Song Anjiu’s heart. There was a severe shock.

The vice-principal, the instructor, and the head teacher were already sweating coldly, in case…in case Song Anjiu didn’t lie, it would be troublesome.

Mrs. Xue is also a little guilty, but she didn’t bother herself after hearing what he said just now, so there was still a trace of luck.

Frozen, a person walked in hurriedly.

I laughed and laughed as soon as I came in, “Mr. Fu! Haha, how can I trouble you to come out in person for this little matter, rest assured, I will handle everything.” The

person here is Principal Sheng Jin, who usually rarely shows up, and is handed over to the deputy principal. Processing, I didn’t expect to come in such a hurry today.

Madam Xue was a little frightened when she saw Fu Chenshang’s eyes. Just now, she felt that this man was unusual. Is it true that she has a lot of background?

guardian? This man looks like the next year…

Didn’t you hear that there is such a number one person in the Song family or Zhou Jingyi?

“No, since it’s here, let’s solve it now!” Fu Chenshang obviously didn’t want to save face, and was ready to pursue it to the end.

Seeing his own woman being bullied like this, how could he let them easily expose it.

Finally, according to Fu Chenshang’s request, the surveillance video of the day was obtained. In the screen, Xue Hao blocked Song Anjiu’s path several times. Song Anjiu ignored him. He wanted to pass, but Xue Hao refused to let him go. Xue Hao stretched his hand to her chest, and Song Anjiu couldn’t bear to lift his knees and smashed his schoolbag on his face. Then there was another punch and kick… The

awkward silence lasted for dozens of seconds.

Fu Chenshang embraced Song Anjiu to stand up, “I hope that tomorrow the school can call all parents of students to clarify this matter publicly.”

It is clear that Xue Hao deliberately intends to distort Xue Hao by mobilizing the teachers in this way.

“The Criminal Law stipulates that the age for citizens to fully bear criminal responsibility is 16 years. The crime of defamation can be punishable by fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention, surveillance or deprivation of political rights. The crime of indecency is punishable by fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention.” Fu Chenshang is not concerned. Speaking slowly, since I watched the video just now, my face has been terrifyingly cold.

“You, what do you want to do? Isn’t it too much for the children to make trouble in court?” Mrs. Xue’s face was earthy, and she completely forgot who just kept asking to see him in court.

“If you have anything, please talk to my lawyer.”

Fu Chenshang turned to several teachers, with a modest attitude, “We An Jiu was wrong in this matter. If it weren’t for her usual misbehavior, the teachers would not misunderstand. I will ask you to take care of you in the future.”

“Where and where, it should be! Student Song is actually very smart, but he doesn’t work hard. I believe that as long as he can study quietly, he will definitely make a difference!” The principal was flattered and greeted hurriedly and politely.

Knowing that this meant that the school would not be held accountable, the principal was obviously relieved. He knew well that even if Fu Chenshang didn’t put down the shelf and covered it with him, the school would never dare to wear Song Anjiu’s shoes, but he did it deliberately, which shows that this girl has some weight to him.

From beginning to end, Song Anjiu just shrank in Fu Chen Shang’s arms, without saying a word, watching him orderly giving orders, turning the one-sided situation completely over, and pulling her up from the mud.

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