Chapter 4 Five Thunders


Xia Yuxun was almost wiped out by Ou Mingxuan’s kiss.

“I…I…I’m sorry, sorry! I was drunk last night…”

OMG! What did I call him last night?

Xia Yuxun was completely awakened at this moment, with no drowsiness, and desperately wanted to move a little farther away from him, but his whole body had been fettered by him and could not move.

“Last night, you called me a beautiful woman…” Ou Mingxuan clasped her ears, gritted his teeth.

God, she actually molested the senior!

Xia Yuxun wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in, “I’m sorry! I’m rude! I really didn’t mean it! Except for this, I… didn’t do anything else last night, right?”

She said as she hurriedly hid under the quilt. Secretly checking his clothes, only to realize that he had changed it, and his mind suddenly became a mess.

Ahhhhh! What shocking things did she do!

She obviously drank and danced in the hotel last night. How could she wake up early in the morning and lie on the same bed as the senior?

This world is too mysterious…

“What’s the matter?” Ou Mingxuan asked innocently.

Knowing what she was asking, he just pretended not to know.

“Yes, that’s…we have…have…that…” Xia Yuxun’s voice became smaller and smaller.

Ou Mingxuan suffocated a smile, made a sudden realization, and then said with a heavy tone, “I went to a bar last night and met you by accident. You were drunk and I didn’t know where you lived, so I sent you off. When you arrive at the hotel, when you arrive at the hotel, you hold on to me, and you want me to sleep with you…”


god! She actually did such a shameless thing!

Xia Yuxun’s face flushed with a bang, and he whispered like a mosquito, “Well… and then?”

“Then I had to sleep with you! You know how strong you are, I can’t resist. “Ou Mingxuan looked at the victim’s expression.

Xia Yuxun’s head was so low that she was about to touch her chest. Of course, she knew how strong she was, so there is no doubt that she could really do it after drinking.

“Senior… Senior I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Xia Yuxun was about to cry.

“Puff ha ha ha…” Ou Mingxuan couldn’t help it, laughing so much that he stumbled on the bed. This little idiot is so cute, I really want to tease her for a while.

Why is the senior who was assaulted by himself and still laughed so happy?

“Senior, are you okay? Aren’t you irritated, right?” Xia Yuxun looked worried.

Ou Mingxuan finally held back a smile, and kindly told her the truth, “Don’t worry… we just slept under the quilt, you didn’t throw me down after drinking, so I’m still innocent!”

Xia Yuxun heard the words, and said seriously. He breathed a sigh of relief, and then realized that something was wrong. Then he got out of the quilt with a squeak, blushed at the teasing expression of Ou Mingxuan, shaking his fingers and staring at him, “Ou Mingxuan! You… You

fool me!” “Now I know! Little idiot!”

His intimate tone made Xia Yuxun get goose bumps. “But, what a coincidence, you also went to that bar last night?”

“You’re so embarrassed. Say it! If I didn’t save you, you would have been so dizzy and drunk, you would have thrown an ugly and wretched man as a handsome guy!”

If he hadn’t happened to be there yesterday and had difficulty recognizing her, he really The unimaginable consequences.

“Is there any…”

Xia Yuxun tried to think of yesterday’s situation, but couldn’t remember anything. The last picture in his mind was Leng Sichen’s indifferent expression and cruel rejection.

“Xia Yuxun! You are too much! Apologize to Qian Ning!”

“Xia Yuxun! Don’t you have anything else to do besides pestering me?”

“Xia Yuxun! You are enough! How many times do you want me to say that you are willing?” I have no feeling for you!”

“Xia Yuxun! Recognize your current identity! Otherwise, leave the company immediately! I don’t need a subordinate who does not distinguish between public and private!”

“Xiaoxun, do you know you were right last night? I’ve done an excessive amount!” Ou Mingxuan stared at her with his arms around his chest, his face solemn.

“Huh?” Xia Yuxun suddenly recovered, and Xin mentioned his throat again.

Didn’t you just say they didn’t do anything?

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